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February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 8 - Wearing pants

Back in 2008 I read a book called the Story of O and a few of the things I read that she was subjected to take it upon myself to try them out, this was before I met my Master.

More than a year without wearing undies and pants became extinct from my wardrobe.
When I mentioned it He very much enjoyed it and decided to keep it as part of the very few rules he has imposed.

Most of the time I've asked for permission to use pants, I believe he had only denied my request in two occasions,  the few times I haven't asked I have to admit I feel guilty for I feel I'm going behind his back, disobeying, breaking the rules but I always manage to feel better after I come up with valid excuses to ease my mind., not that it makes it right, but hey, it works...
I'm a bad girl, one of the valid excuses is "what Papi can't see won't get my ass whooped"

People ask if I'm cold, duh, no shit, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  of course I'm cold, what kind of question is that?  I really don't get into details of why I'm not wearing pants, some think I'm pentecostal and is a religion thing, ehehe, lol.

I've been good, no pants no matter how cold it has been, through snow storm, temps below 0 and still faithfully wearing my skirts or dresses, sticking to them and the rule,  trying to be obedient, today I didn't try so hard, the snow beat me down and made me break down, I had to, the wind was kicking ass and the cold was intolerable.
I could have asked permission but it would have taken a long time for a response, it felt very odd having pants on, out of my character and even uncomfortable.

How lovely when rules becomes a habit.


missy louise said…
i see punishment in the future.
AtiyaLuv said…
you called it missy louise!
I do hope because of the cold weather and the inability to answer his messages promptly because he is away for the week he might overlook the infraction.
*fingers crossed
C Stag said…
rules are made to be broken. nice pants. sometimes common sense overrules everything! :)
AtiyaLuv said…
I agree in some ways, but is about obedience and respect, and he also tells me to use my judgement and common sense for many things.
I honestly enjoy the control and His rules *grins*
Thanks C Stag :)

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