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TMI Tuesday - Yes I'm listenig

Yes, I’m listening…1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?my abuela (my grandmother )
At the moment - my Master2. What kinds of things really make you laugh?Silliness, of course if I get tickled, when I see someone laughing hysterically, when I tickle "someone's"  feet..ehehe3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world?Where I feel at home
*smiles*4. Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?My BFF is wanda, she is bold, spontaneous and even though we are so different, we are very much alike.5. What’s your biggest goal in life right now?Getting the little business going, build inventory, quit my job, and move in with my Papi mine :)6. What was your family like growing up?Close, very close, loved the get together every sunday, have a huge lunch, music, men drinking rum while playing dominoes, it felt like it was saturday every single day because we lived a few streets from each other and we were together every night, 10 - 15 deep....then I m…


I can't believe it has been three weeks since I was with Him
It seems longer to be honest
Three weeks, only three, yet it feels like an eternityIt was harder at the beginning, but it is getting a lot better, he talks to me through the day, calls me, makes sure I'm alright, keeps me engaged, and that has made a huge difference and I'm so grateful knowing he is so busy and still makes me one of his prioritiesIt is no secret I want to quit my job, that I'm miserable, and depressed, in need of a change because there are times I feel I'm going nuts with the same routine and adding more responsibilities, my classroom without hardly any room because more and more people keep coming in for training, and I feel I can't breath anymore. Every Sunday I have panic attacks and Mondays are even worse.Since last year I've been making soap.  I have been testing and reaearching products that are natural, healthy and great for the friends have been using my products…

TMI Tuesday - WTH is she thinking! !

It is Monday. In my head is a scary place to be. Here’s what is flowing out of my brain for this TMI Tuesday…WTH is she thinking?!creative brain_tmi1. You have been asked to organize a sex & kink weekend. Will you be more of a “hands-on” person or more of an “ideas” person?Mostlikely the "ideas" person
Theme,  decorations,  putting things together, etc2. Assuming you are the hands-on type at this weekend sex romp, and you’ve entered a tent to ‘play’ with a male/female couple. Would you like to be given clear instructions before you begin to ‘play’ or do you prefer to be given the general idea of the task and work it out your own way.Give me the general idea of the task and I work with it in my own way.3. True or False. “During sex, I like to hear and accept feedback.”True4. What are you wearing right now?A dress...that's it5. I show loyalty to my lover by ________ . Trusting him6. Do you always have to argue?I don't argue, I have discussions Bonus: Pick up the cl…

Spanking on the Red Couch

He brought lunch that day 3 different type of cheese salmon shrimp + sauce  and some little breads
After a few hours of lovemaking, fooling around, laughing and as always having a great time Papi asked if I was ready for lunch, I think the growling of my stomach gave him a hint. He heads to the kitchen to begin the preparations while I was reaching for the plates and helping out of a bit.
He placed everything on the table, sat on the red chair and his slave knelt leashed next to him. Placing salmon on a piece of bread he fed me some and at the rest he would place it in his mouth, half for me and half for him, and he continued doing so until we were satisfied, the left overs went in the refrigerator and on his lap I went.
We kissed, talked in between and waited a bit for the food to go down.
Suddenly.... He stands me between his leg, and began to spank me right side, rub, left side rub my pussy getting wet, moaning getting louder as the spanks were coming down harder My body kept feel…

It is not the same without him

Woke up extremely early, I believe it was about 4:30 am when I heard my skype go off, it was my friend J, having her usual meltdowns in the middle of the night.

I replied to my Owner and to the bathroom I went to meditate.
Made a huge difference this morning, for the past two days I have been struggling with anxiety.  It really sucks doing a lecture and tears coming down without me noticing it in front of my entire classroom! OUCH.....

I miss him, I miss us
the chemistry we have and share is like no other either one of us has experienced
and the love...
wow, so powerful, strong, that makes us feel so connected and in tune with one another.

Monday was a hard day, I was off, felt completely out of my element, he felt it, I  know he did, he picked up the phone and called me, listening to his voice, his words made a huge difference on how the rest of my day played out

He even recognizes that I am not the same I was when I arrived than when I left.
The slave in me kicked in
The urge and d…

To love a submissive is....

To feast upon her form, appreciate her strength, cherish her mind, recognize her pain, understand her fears, admire her will and treasure her submission

It is a wonderful feeling when one finds that Certain Someone who feasts upon my form, appreciates my strength, cherishes my mind, recognizes my pain, understands my fears, admires my will and treasure my submission
I am lucky to have my Papi mine, my Master, my Owner Blessed, loved, appreciated.
Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMIT - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy TMI Tuesday and…Happy St. Patrick’s Day
1. You found your pot o’ gold. How much is in the pot? What will you do with your gold?

I dont know how much is in it, I still have to weight it, and melt it
set my kids up with all they need (they are all grown up)  and leave with my Owner

2. Some things get better with age, have you? What specifically has gotten better?

I look the same, my face doesn't change at all, just a bit mature...but I have gotten better with age at many things, cooking is one of them!

3. Are you above average or below average?

I am average...and right there at the line of above average *grins*

4. What was the last romantic act you did for someone? Did they appreciate it?

Romantic act?
dang, every moment and every act I share with him is romantic and to try to just define one thing I did would be hard, and yes, he appreciated all my romantic acts.

5. Think back to your very last argument, whose fault was it?

we dont argue, well, he don't argue cause I am always up …

May I have one more, Please - Spanking

I am such a greedy girl.

I now understand how important it is to communicate about ones need and how I feel.
When my Master would spank me it was such a delight that I didn't want him stopping, I really wanted more yet I was a bit afraid to ask him to continue. He knows best and knew why he took the approach he did I am totally new at all of this and he was testing the waters and seen my reaction and how much I could probably handle.
I love how each day he would do it a bit longer and a bit harder, and each time he stopped I wanted to say, may I have one more please?
When he finally grabbed his belt and began to lay the smack down on me I felt the sensation all through my body, each time the belt hit my skin I would feel the tingling and it was like a breath of fresh air, of course after a few times (don't know how many times it was, I was in lala-land) I felt it even more, and when my eyes got watery he stopped  I wonder if he noticed that my eyes got watery and that is why h…

TMI Tuesday - Spring the season of love

Officially spring will be here (in the northern hemisphere) in a few weeks. I want to rush things along and declare it spring now; especially after the brutal winter we here in the mid-Atlantic states have endured. TMI Tuesday Spring the season of love

1. Spring vacation, will you take one? Where? Spring time love.

I already took a spring vacation and spring sprung!!
went to the Netherlands to visit my Master.

2. Do you become friskier as the temperatures outside heat up?

Nope, don't need warmer temperatures to get friskier 
I am frisky all year round regardless of season

3. Do you flirt more in spring vs. other times of the year?

flirt all year round

4. Do you dress sexier in the spring?

I dress the same just about all year round, except that in the summer I show more skin *grins*

5. What day of the week do you have sex most often? Falling in love takes one-fifth of a second
It takes a fifth-of-a-second for the euphoria-inducing chemicals to start acting on the brain when you are looking at th…

Feb Photo Fest and other things

What a month it was!

I went over my february photo fest and I had some booboos.

Noticed I had two february 17 posts, I sorta miscounted I guess, when arrived to the Netherlands it also messed me up a bit with timezone and such.
Not having a computer and working with my phone was no help at all, thought I was going to be able to manage but guess that I was wrong.
will take sometime this weekend to fix it.
Is a shame, I was doing so well!!

Still on his timezone, fell asleep so early and been up since 1am which is 7am where I was at...I wonder how long will it take me to go back to the routine here.

It was a hard friday, not as hard as thursday when we had to part
Still 2 days later and breaking down each time a scent reminds me of him, memories of our time together and his wonderful way of communicating with me.

Had to go to work for a short meeting, and it was then and there I realized that I no longer desire to be at that place
my anxiety kicked in, my mood changed completely and beca…


My last day here
My paradise
It was cold, didn't go out as much, and had my little tragedies here and there but it was worth it.The thought of leaving brings tears to my eyes and can't help but feel emotional, I'll be back again this year, even have a return ticket, but dang is gonna be hard just to say "see you later"I don't want to go back
Having to face work, my boss, and everything else waiting for me just not a good feeling at all and brings me out of my element
(and also the bad winter we are having, freezing and snowing everyday)
Makes me wonder if the tears are because I'm going to miss or because I am miserable knowing what I am going back to.Hard position to be and should be an incentive to start doing what I said I was going to do.The time we spent together I discussed the issues I'm going through and facing, I explained how I felt and how they were affecting me, felt great to hear what he had to say and his support,  gave me stren…

TMI Tuesday - Down right sexy!

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were adapted from
Down right sexy!1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Name the positions.Yes,
Doggy style2. Have you ever had sex continuously for more than an hour? Was it all intercourse or other methods of sexual pleasure?Yes
It was a mix of both3. Have you ever planned and devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)?Nope, not yet,  we went 12 hrs with a nap in between and breakfast,  from the time I arrived at the hotel,  almost 1am until the next day around 3, maybe 4pm , I can't recall...4. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?They have not complained,  but he did mention that now the block will recognize him as "ay Papi"5. Have you ever had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?Blow jobs
And the way I do doggy style.6. Have you ever gotten really tur…