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Feb Photo Fest and other things

What a month it was!

I went over my february photo fest and I had some booboos.

Noticed I had two february 17 posts, I sorta miscounted I guess, when arrived to the Netherlands it also messed me up a bit with timezone and such.
Not having a computer and working with my phone was no help at all, thought I was going to be able to manage but guess that I was wrong.
will take sometime this weekend to fix it.
Is a shame, I was doing so well!!

Still on his timezone, fell asleep so early and been up since 1am which is 7am where I was at...I wonder how long will it take me to go back to the routine here.

It was a hard friday, not as hard as thursday when we had to part
Still 2 days later and breaking down each time a scent reminds me of him, memories of our time together and his wonderful way of communicating with me.

Had to go to work for a short meeting, and it was then and there I realized that I no longer desire to be at that place
my anxiety kicked in, my mood changed completely and became extremely tense.
I actually got a letter from my Dr in regards to some changes and decisions for a better health, my work is really affecting my health and I do have to stop in order to get a few things under control.
I am going for it.
Health is more important than any job

Lost 12 pounds during my trip
considering I didn't really walk much and only went out a few times, although I did do daily walks when it was not raining, well, it was not enough to catch up to the eating.
first week i was there, eating as if it was going out of style, a bit concerned but it actually worked the other way around, i lost weight
but i was not stressed, i couldnt take my bp pills because they were too strong, soon as i am back in the states my bp already goes wild.

I am scared, the coming months will be hard and challenging for me, but I am sure I will be alright, specially when he reassures me that it will be alright.

Had a blast with him
So much in common and many similarities is unreal
Such great pleasure to kneel as his feet when I brought him coffee
when he brought lunch and after an afternoon of love making as he sat on the red chair naked and I knelt at his side naked he fed me and fed himself

such wonderful memories were made, i remember each and exact moment with vivid details
cooking for him, ehehe, some dominican flava!!
it was a bit challenging but i got the flavor of the food as close as dominican as i could, considering i messed up the soup by buying goat instead of beef, goes to show me i have to learn some dutch and pay closer attention to the pictures as well tsk tsk, shame shame, i truly believe he would have enjoyed it more

and will be sending him a few care packages as well
so excited
I can't help
He has the best part of me
I am more in love with him today then when I landed
his attention
the way he treated me
man, that look, the way he would look at me, i can't even describe that feeling because it was like he was talking to me without having to say a word
and my body listened
and it was able to decipher and understand what he wanted
and it reacted


cant wait for the next time

I have so much to do
Need to get out of cloud nine for a moment and focus

but it is so hard

Sincerely Yours


missy louise said…
So very glad for safe travel and a wonderful time filled with love. sorry work is such a pain. and the job market is so poor no matter what they say it is with unemployment.
Best is the memories and hope for the next time you both can spend together. enjoy the memories
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you so much missy louise, you are so wonderful

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