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I can't believe it has been three weeks since I was with Him
It seems longer to be honest
Three weeks, only three, yet it feels like an eternity

It was harder at the beginning, but it is getting a lot better, he talks to me through the day, calls me, makes sure I'm alright, keeps me engaged, and that has made a huge difference and I'm so grateful knowing he is so busy and still makes me one of his priorities

It is no secret I want to quit my job, that I'm miserable, and depressed, in need of a change because there are times I feel I'm going nuts with the same routine and adding more responsibilities, my classroom without hardly any room because more and more people keep coming in for training, and I feel I can't breath anymore.

Every Sunday I have panic attacks and Mondays are even worse.

Since last year I've been making soap.  I have been testing and reaearching products that are natural, healthy and great for the friends have been using my products for suggestions, feedback and see how they like it and works on their skin, working on recipes and ideas.  So far I've built a little fan base of customers for they no longer buy soaps at the store but from me...ehehe
They are not as fancy as some of the homemade soaps I see on etsy or in the tutorials on YouTube, but I make sure they are natural, unclog the pores, helps with acne, does not leave the heavy feeling on the skin either.
Some of the ingredients I use are olive, hemp, and coconut oil, kokum butter, Shea butter, and aloe, some clays, jojoba beads as an exfoliator, dead sea salt, among others, I also have plans to make other things in the future but for me it takes times because of the research I put into it and the testing.
It has also taken me longer  because I want to make sure everything is Eco-friendly.

Oh I also did research about herbs and spices and made some wonderful bath tea, my favorite is the muscle relaxer, smells so good and is one of our favorite one!!

Not only I'm making soaps and bath tea but I like to crochet, I've made scarfs and sold them to a few people, chakra scarfs are popular, made a sorta looking vintage scarf with a headband and before it was even done it was sold.  That one took me too long to make

I'm working on a little crochet project that I expect to become popular this summer, and only praying and hoping it does because this girl does not want to work by September

I have a goal in mind and will see it through,  besides I hardly have any vacation left and already have a return ticket and everything must be done and taken care of by that date

He has been a wonderful support through it all
I haven't been motivated to do a thing and he hooked me up to a calendar where I'm suppose to write my daily tasks, goals and accomplishments while he keeps track of it, he also asked me to let him know when I'm home giving me enough time to relax and then setting tasks for me to do and I must say in just 3 days I've come a long way and made huge progress
I may have done the work but he has made sure I've followed through and gives me thay extra little kick I need to stay on it.

I'm really feeling motivated.

Sincerely yours


C Stag said…
The soap looks great… excited for your home business dreams… keep setting and fighting for your goals. Knowing that there is a finish line at your current job should help you get through it. You know it's only temporary, and just so you can pay the bills. Stay positive.
missy louise said…
very cool. love how He is keeping in touch and you focused.
nice work
AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you Chris!
Love how you are always so positive and supportive :) ((hugs))

@missy louise
I really am a lucky girl!
counting my blessings each and every day
thank you :)

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