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Spanking on the Red Couch

He brought lunch that day
3 different type of cheese
shrimp + sauce 
and some little breads

After a few hours of lovemaking, fooling around, laughing and as always having a great time Papi asked if I was ready for lunch, I think the growling of my stomach gave him a hint.
He heads to the kitchen to begin the preparations while I was reaching for the plates and helping out of a bit.

He placed everything on the table, sat on the red chair and his slave knelt leashed next to him.
Placing salmon on a piece of bread he fed me some and at the rest he would place it in his mouth, half for me and half for him, and he continued doing so until we were satisfied, the left overs went in the refrigerator and on his lap I went.

We kissed, talked in between and waited a bit for the food to go down.

He stands me between his leg, and began to spank me
right side, rub, left side rub
my pussy getting wet, moaning getting louder as the spanks were coming down harder
My body kept feeling weaker and weaker as he continued and I ended up on his lap were he kept spanking me and rubbing, spank and rub, how I love that!
When he felt I had enough he walked me over to the mirror turned me around so I could see the beautiful shade of red that was adorning my ass, I actually wanted them to be as red as the chair, but I stayed quiet admiring his work.
Do you know how happy I was?
How excited I felt to see my cheeks red?
His smile when he was showing me as he rubbed my ass again
and yes, greedy me wanted more
I must remember the word "more" for the next time

Now that I have been spanked, that I know the feeling, how it makes me feel, how it places me more and more at his mercy, a reminder who is Master and who is slave I wanted it even more.
Pain, what pain? I was so far gone that the only time I felt the sting was when I was out of the zone, and yet that stingy feeling was even more erotic than anything else, such a reminder.

I did not know I was going to enjoy spanking so much
that I would react or feel the way that I do about them
*grins ever so wide*
probably one day I will be looking back at this and thinking to myself "yup those were the days spanking were fun"
He was testing my limits
now he knows his girl can take more and one thing I have learned about Master is that he will deliver.

I called it love spankings because it was our first time, testing the water per-say, but not looking forward when I do something I am not suppose to and I get a spank for punishment, I have a feeling it will not go the same way.

my my, I have turned into a little masochist!!
Who would have thunk?  helloooo????

the things love can make you feel and do.

Looking forward to the next time I am with him and he spanks the shit out of me!!!

Sincerely Yours


julie said…
You know, the more I read about your trip and the experiences you had with your Master the more happy I am for you. I am so glad you found out so much about yourself and about him. xxx
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you so much julie! I appreciate it.
it was an amazing experience for us both (smiles humbly)

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