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Lessons Learned

My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, came a bit premature, 24 weeks to be exact, unfortunately he died an hour after he was born, goes to show how fragile life can be.

I learned something on that day (4/21/2015)...
Things change from one moment to another
without a warning
Life will throw curve balls and fast balls our way and they can either make us or break us.
I truly believe I hit my turning point

The time came for me to act and just say "fuck it"

I am always careful doing the things I would like to do, making certain decisions because of fear
because I am scared
I think too much, instead of taking the plunge and just do what I have to do for me, my sake, my sanity, my happiness

Feeling different about it now
Made my first move to get to where I want to be
I spoke to my boss and told her what I have been wanting to say for months
"I need time off, I am tired, I am burned out, I am done, get someone in here ASAP because I need to take c…

TMI Tuesday - Flesh N Fantasy

Much thanks to Sweeten Dirty for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions. Flesh And Fantasy
1.) What was your biggest fantasy once you discovered sexy things?
My biggest fantasy by far has been to get a spanking
2.) Did you get to do said fantasy, and if so would you do it again?
Yes and I'm looking forward to a few more in the future
3.) Was it as good as imagined?
Even better
4.) Describe said fantasy.
Laying down flat on the bed, his hands caressing my ass, suddenly spank on my right cheek, rubs it and then spanks my left cheek, rubs it and he goes back and forth until he thought it was enough  (there is way more to it, just cutting it a bit short)
5.) What is your biggest fantasy now?

To be spanked until I can't sit down
For him to leash me and walk me around with me leashed
To be tied up, be his playtoy with his ropes
There are a few more
Bonus: Something you would NEVER do.
Depends, if it hurts me, hurts someone else (emotionally)..nope I will never do
Unsafe?  Nope will ne…

TMI Tuesday - What's up April?

There are several unique and weird holidays that take place all over the world. This TMI Tuesday is about the month of April’s special observances. What’s Up April?1. April 1 is April Fool’s Day (All Fools Day), a Western tradition of pulling pranks and hoaxes.
– Did you play any April Fool’s jokes on someone?I didn't, sorta forgot it was April fool's day– Were you the victim of an April’s Fool prank this year?Nope– What is the best April Fool’s hoax you’ve ever pulled?Can't come up with one right about now..2. What is your favorite unusual or non-traditional holiday to observe?If I can get a day off to celebrate, any holiday will do for me.  We have celebrated Cambodian New Year just for us to cancel classes in the lab eat and celebrate.3. Do you observe any unique local or family tradition holidays? Briefly tell us about this holiday.Not that I can think of4. April is National Poetry Month. Share your favorite poem with TMI Tuesday or write a poem and share.I have a few …

Surya Namaskar - Salute to the sun

I am more determined to feel great again, to go back to the feeling relaxed, without fear, content and feeling as if nothing bothers me and gets to me.

Up with meditation and at the moment cleaning my aura, I do need better preparation and planning and organize myself because I am all over the place, I know where I have gone wrong and ready to take charge and do what I must.

I already began aligning my chakras, I am so off and emotional, I should have known or taken actions when I felt feeling so unbalanced and out of tune with everything.

There are so many benefits one can get from practicing sun salutation
Fast pace it becomes a cardiovascular workout
slow pace helps with muscle tone and relax the system
If it is done regular it can improve the functions of the heart, liver, intestine, stomach, chest, throat and legs.  It purifies the blood and improves its circulation throughout the system.

I read that practicing sun salutation daily will enhance the physical strength of a person …

TMI Tuesday - Dude looks like a lady

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are provided by
Clothes make the man (or woman)

1. What is the first garment that you remember?
(I don't know how to interpret this question...) When I was a little girl I loved a yellow dress with white tiny dots all over it, ruffles a bow tied in the back, and sleevess, I can close my eyes and still see it, I was about 3 years old
2. What was your first favorite garment?
Jean mini skirt
3. What is your favorite garment now?
I don't have one specifically
There are a few depending on the occasion

4. What garment, of yours, is a favorite of your lover’s and they like for you to wear?
My birthday suit
5. What garment do you like your lover to wear for you?
His birthday suit
6. What do you think makes a sexy outfit for a woman?
The shoes
7. What makes a sexy outfit for a man?
Dang, hard one for me,  but I do love a man wearing his working gear :)
8. Do you like to see women in tight clothing?
Depending on the occasion and place
9. Do …

What to do, What to do...

**post all over the place...just like my head
According to my Dr I need to take time off work It was very obvious how stressed out I am and how it is affecting me when I was on vacation and since I've been back it has been non-stop stress and stressful situations one after the other... I feel I can't breath
I moved with a friend in December of 2014, just four months ago and once again apartment hunting because on of the owners' family member is going through some hardship and they need the place back by a set time leaving us in a huge ordeal and without hardly any options. This is actually taking a toll on me in more ways than one.
To add insult to injury, I was suppose to quit my job by now but I can't because of how badly the income is needed specially if I am going to be doing apartment hunting, just glad I didn't rush to quit like I was planning. My credit is not that great but having worked 16 years at the same place and making good money is a plus and most ti…

Hard work!

Been feeling amazing this past few days, keeping busy all the time aids in controlling the anxiety I often feel and knowing that I am not where I am suppose to be at.

First and foremost, before I go on, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Master for all the support he is giving me and the work he is putting into helping me start my little business.
He is there throughout the day fixing things, going over details that I probably have missed, correcting, reading and giving me feedback, and most of the time encouragement.

I could not have done this without him
I have been down, my mood is crappy, I have no thrive most of the time, so much going on that I feel at a halt and I can't even think straight and this is were he comes in.  He motivates me, either with sweet and amazing words or with the fact that if I don't get things done I am going to get the belt, granted, that can go either way...I love the belt and would love to get a spanking but I do everythin…

TMI Tuesday - Tax season 2015

Welcome to TMI Tuesday. In the U.S. it is tax season, tax reports are due April 15.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  - meet Joe Black There’s Nothing Sexy About Taxes Wherever you are in the world, assuming you all pay taxes–income or other types, answer the following questions. 1. Are taxes levied where you live?

I don't know, I live in Massachusetts or Taxachusetts as we are called.

2. Do you pay your taxes?

I do, each time I purchase something I am paying taxes...

3. This year will you owe taxes or do you expect a refund?

I get a refund every single year, although they have become less and less as the dependents get older, work and do their own taxes.

4. Have you already filed your taxes?

yes I did!
and already spent every dime.

5. You are getting a tax refund, which ONE of these would you most likely do with the money?
a. pay off credit cards
b. contribute to retirement savings
c. go on vacation
d. shop for something (car, clothes, household items, et…

I need a spanking

Never thought those words would come out of my mouth and actually meant them.I was so afraid when I was going to receive my first spanking, didn't know what to expect and then it happened, then came the second time and the third and each time we were together I wanted a spanking, didn't happen everytime, but most times it didWith his hands
Then his belt
Couldn't even grasp the fact I actually enjoyed the sting, the burn, and then the aftermath when my skin felt hot even to the touch.
Marks didn't stay on too long
I only wished they had
*sighs*I took each moment in and remember them with every little detail
And I want more
I ache for him
Wishing for more
Patiently waiting for the next time
I count down again
And I know he keeps an account of things he doesn't approve of and things i have done, he calls it "the list"
Things on the list consist of things i don't even remember doing, yet, I am looking foward to pay up
Maybe I will not feel the same way w…

Playful afternoon with my Master

Not into 69

As usual women at the office gathered up to talk during break time, somehow and some way we always end up talking about sex, positions, and a few other little things that should be discussed after work while having a drink...

Today the topic was 69, a sex position I am not very fond of and to be honest I think is a waste of pleasure Ok, I understand that it may feel great to some and they enjoy it but it is not my cup of tea
I like to enjoy the pleasure I receive and the pleasure I give while performing 69 I cannot concentrate on either one If my pussy is getting sucked and a cock goes near my mouth I probably will play with it, put it in my mouth, suck here and there, tease it, I consider it a little extra stimulation for my pleasure and to aid me in reaching orgasm faster
When I'm the one giving pleasure, I wanna give my full attention to what it is I am doing and who I am doing it to, I already get enough pleasure sucking his cock, he can pull and tug on my nipples, touch me a…