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I need a spanking

Never thought those words would come out of my mouth and actually meant them.

I was so afraid when I was going to receive my first spanking, didn't know what to expect and then it happened, then came the second time and the third and each time we were together I wanted a spanking, didn't happen everytime, but most times it did

With his hands
Then his belt
Couldn't even grasp the fact I actually enjoyed the sting, the burn, and then the aftermath when my skin felt hot even to the touch.
Marks didn't stay on too long
I only wished they had

I took each moment in and remember them with every little detail
And I want more
I ache for him
Wishing for more
Patiently waiting for the next time
I count down again
And I know he keeps an account of things he doesn't approve of and things i have done, he calls it "the list"
Things on the list consist of things i don't even remember doing, yet, I am looking foward to pay up
Maybe I will not feel the same way when the time comes but for now it gets me wet to even think about it

Today I tried spanking myself, it didn't feel the same, I tried a few times to just see if I could recreate that feeling, that wonderful sensation
I am more convinced and more succesful when I close my eyes and I think of him doing it, I can actually feel my body tingling

Can't wait to lay on his lap again
Or lay next to him facing down while he spanks me
Or standing between his legs as he releases his big strong hands on my ass

I can't wait


missy louise said…
His hand , His belt makes a difference
i know what you mean

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