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Not into 69

As usual women at the office gathered up to talk during break time, somehow and some way we always end up talking about sex, positions, and a few other little things that should be discussed after work while having a drink...

Today the topic was 69, a sex position I am not very fond of and to be honest I think is a waste of pleasure
Ok, I understand that it may feel great to some and they enjoy it but it is not my cup of tea

I like to enjoy the pleasure I receive and the pleasure I give
while performing 69 I cannot concentrate on either one
If my pussy is getting sucked and a cock goes near my mouth I probably will play with it, put it in my mouth, suck here and there, tease it, I consider it a little extra stimulation for my pleasure and to aid me in reaching orgasm faster

When I'm the one giving pleasure, I wanna give my full attention to what it is I am doing and who I am doing it to, I already get enough pleasure sucking his cock, he can pull and tug on my nipples, touch me and play with my pussy as much as he may want, but one thing is for sure, I am not going to cum

I can multitask, and very well
this is one task I really don't find pleasure, and I don't enjoy it at all, it is sexy and some sort of foreplay to me, but I try to avoid it and I do hope it doesn't come up
It is not by choice or preference, I honestly cannot find pleasure doing it, or at least enough pleasure to cum while doing it

I tried explaining why I am not into this sexual position, while some of them understood and could relate some just didn't
One of them was a bit argumentative about it saying I was lying because I could not cum or didn't like doing 69, in her own words "I've never met anyone who didn't like 69", well girly, you just did!
Once again I tried giving her details and explaining why I think it is a waste of time "for me", hey to each its own, we all have our preferences, I am not calling her crazy because she don't like to be spanked or because she can't cum on command or don't believe in the g-spot, but that's her believe and I have mine

**now that I am thinking about Papi didn't even try doing 69 with me...oh wow, he knows me that well :)

To all those who enjoy 69 and find pleasure woohoo!!
for me...
Let's do 68 and I will owe you 1

Sincerely Yours


missy louise said…
oh i so get you it is exactly the way i feel
AtiyaLuv said…
Glad someone feels the way I do, thank youu!
JFBreak said…
For what it's worth, I agree. I loved the idea of 69 when I was a 17 year old kid learning about sex, but in practice, I want the focus the same way you describe.
AtiyaLuv said…
when we are young we always look into every possibility
granted, 69 is sexy and all, but just as far as foreplay and just to do something different, still, I try not to even go there...unless I am told I have to

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