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23 days til move in day!

Woke up at the crack of dawn, as soon as the light comes out I am also up and it.  Usual morning routines that had to be readjusted due to the lack of privacy.
Meditated, brush my teeth and took a little drive for coffee

it was a bit hot.
Went to the gym, took a shower and on the way back to my friends' house i stopped for a little nature walk...
took my sandals off and squeezed some dirt in between my toes, grounding myself (I first inspected the area for any foreign materials other than dirt and/or grass)

I really felt adventurous.
Wanted to keep going, I wanted to go out and experience something new, I want to explore the city I am going to be living in (so excited about moving to Portsmouth that I can't stand myself!!!)


There is a bus service that goes from Dover, NH to Logan airport, prices are not bad at all and the accommodations are great.
From Newburyport, MA to Portsmouth, NH is $9 round trip, looking at what I would have to spend on gas, toll, and parking 9 bucks is like a dream come true!

I parked my car, bought me a RT ticket and headed north.
It only took 15 minutes to get there, a very smooth and comfortable ride, they have complimentary water bottles, very comfy seats, WiFi, and also newspapers.  I guess is even better during work week.

When I arrived at the station I noticed that the state still has the sucky weekend schedule hours, I was not going to wait 2 hours to take the next trolley in town, spoke to a cab driver, the price was right and I guess there was an activity going on as well, Market Square Day.

Wonderful  craft, food, stores, streets, the feeling of the town felt vibrant, alive, people were friendly, I spoke to a few people and actually made a new friend.  I even bought something from his second hand/antique store which I will post after I move :)
Interesting the people that we can meet when actually stop and talk to them, listen to their wonderful story.  I can't wait to see Emilio again and have some coffee with him while he shares stories from way back when in Italy.

My kind of town!
Women dress beautiful, I look all over and saw so many different styles, from different eras, and it seemed there was a flapper party around with men and women dressed as in if they were from the 1920's

had lunch by the water, people watching, watching the boats going by, listening to the music, talking to strangers, smiling, taking the beauty of this place in and wanting to pinch myself knowing that very soon I am going to live there!!

Practically 5-10 minutes to downtown, same amount of time to the beach, I love the water, it calls me, I am drawn to it and for some reason I have to live close to it.

After all the fun, all the walking, it was time to head back, and only making me wish that the day for me to move in just hurry up and get here!

Over excited!

I have made so much progress, the way I feel, how I'm doing, the way I see things and life.  I am still struggling with fear, but it will take time for that to disappear, I guess when I feel more comfortable with myself, and more grounded, working through everything I may fear, and it is working.

People may wonder what is going on with me, but at the moment that is not of my concern and I feel I don't owe anyone an explanation.
Having the time of my life, finding myself, the new me, the person that is making me so happy and content.
I do more, I feel better, I am living

Sincerely Yours


Gwennie said…
So happy you had what sounds like a great time.
julie said…
So pleased you had such a lovely day xxx
missy louise said…
makes me smile knowing how well you are doing
love the pics You are looking lovely
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you all!
this journey has been incredible!

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