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Collared - the freedom

I open my eyes by 4:30 am
As soon as the morning light begins to appear I welcome it with a smile, meditation and an orgasm
my usual morning rituals
Love waking up to the sound of the birds, the trees, looking around, appreciating the peacefulness of the early morning before the noise of the vehicles and the people can disturb all the beauty that surrounds me
I can't wait to have my place, then again, I am going to miss sleeping under the stars and waking up under the morning light

Amazing the freedom I feel today
and this freedom came the day He collared me

Freedom of expression
Freedom to feel, to ask, to speak
Freedom to receive and give
Freedom to trust
Freedom to give everything I am to another being so He can do as He sees fit
Freedom of not having to question His decisions
Freedom to kneel before Him
Freedom to call Him my Owner, my Master or my Papi mine (not only behind close doors)
Freedom to be my crazy self in all aspects of the word and having someone who appreciates me for who I am, through good and bad

Because of Him I look forward to every single morning when I wake up and see a message
It is always the best way to begin my day
He sure does make a difference
When I hear His voice I tremble
and after 6 years He has the ability to make me blush, giggle, and those darn butterflies that I love so much

It never gets old, and I have a feeling that will remain the same for a long time 
for each new day I fall in love with him all over again
His qualities
Loving, accepting, appreciating and respecting His imperfections as much as His perfections
I am grateful for His patience, for teaching me, leading me, listening and not minding that I can talk even when my eyes are closed

I am grateful and count my blessings each day
for I found freedom the day my Master collared His girl

Sincerely Yours


Beautifully said! That "Freedom" is one that so many people will ever experience or find. It's awesome that you have and feel that!

AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you so much
I feel very blessed and lucky

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