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Funny Psychic meeting

A week ago today I went to make money orders and pay some of the monthly responsibilities we all have
While talking to the guy behind the counter one of the customers and his wife approached me with a huge smile telling me how I gave him goosebumps as soon as I walked into the establishment.  We began to talk, laugh about comments that were made, and suddenly he began to do a reading, I didn't ask him to do it but he felt compelled to tell me things he was seen.
He tells me he is clairvoyant and that he would love to sit with me and do a proper consultation.  He gave me his card, his wife gave me the address to their place and I met up with them once I was done with my running around.

His house looked legit, he had a sign in the front about psychic reading, prices for consultation and such, I didn't think nothing of it, usually when I do things like this I do it for fun and entertainment, is all good, right?
When I walked in the house the gentleman began to explain how he did his work, what he uses, what to expect, etc.
He took me in this room where he had statues of angels (21 divisions - Sanse Religion), he was talking in a gibberish language (speaking in tongues) telling me things that happened, that is happening and will happen, some of the things were right on...some of them I was iffy about it
When he asked me to put my hair down I didn't think anything of it, he told me we were almost at the end of the reading, he turns to me saying that the Angels (from the 21 divisions) were telling him to tell me that they wanted to use his body and mine as vessels so they can have sex (bwahahaha) he even had the nerves to call his wife in the room with an appointment book to make a date for such act to take place, really???
I wanted to burst out laughing, tell him off and be on my way, but I didn't, I came to terms that I had just lost 20 bucks and had already given them my number but I didn't think anything of it.

As I was walking out I noticed a lady sitting there waiting for her consultation and I wondered how many suckers have actually fallen for the "vessel" excuse...tsk tsk

Saturday evening I get a call from this guy saying not to forget about our appointment friday and that the angels were telling him I was backing out, I hung up on him.

Monday afternoon I went to make some copies, fax some paperwork and return some calls, when I get back to my lab I looked at my phone and had 14 missing calls...2 from my daughter and 12 from this psychic, I blocked him
He couldn't get a hold of me for a few days so he puts his wife to call me, I was feeling harassed at this point, blocked her too!

It was funny, shit, I've exploited this little experience with most of my coworkers, family and friends, we have a ball with it, laughing at my expense *grins*

Never a dull moment in my life!

Sincerely Yours


sub hub in phx said…
Ah yes ... the old "vessel" trick. 8smile
AtiyaLuv said…
Lmao, I've never heard of that one, but is truly funny!!!
I do wonder if anyone have actually fallen for it....I'll take that back, there are some very naive people around.

Thank you for the comment
missy louise said…
see how easy it could be for someone not as quick witted as you are.

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