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Homeless, but not

To explain the homeless situation, well, I moved in with a friend back in December, the owner of the house was moving back to the state and gave us a time limit to leave, unfortunately the time didn't work out to our advantage

We both found apartments but the moving date is a bit far
She moves in the 1st of July
I move in the 7th

I have plenty of places to go to
People offering
But, I decided to do this the way I thought I should do it, and I felt like doing it
Some people are not happy with my decision and often get scorned for doing it, but I am living the life of a gypsy
I stay where I want and with who I want
Most times I have stayed in my car, by choice, because I want to turn off everyone, their thinking, their fellings, their problems, I just need to feel and be at peace, and since I don't have a home yet the next best thing is my car

I am safe, and very smart where I stay (park at)
I sleep comfortably
And this experience taught me that I need a firm mattress
Since sleeping on floors and in the car I have no back issues and no complaints about it
We had some rainy nights and I looked like a little kid camping for the first night
I watched the night unfold
The movements of the trees
I watched the raindrops hit the windshield of my car and how the raindrops made different patterns, the way it slid down meeting up with more drops just waiting for the avalanche
The color of the sky
It was dark but it looked like a dark blue and only one cloud could be seen adorning the sky
As dark became light, still raining, the same relaxing noise that I went to sleep with waking me up
I meditated
I aligned my chakras
I worked on my shield
It was the most amazing, and relaxing night I've ever had, and how exquisite the morning was

And then...
I only wished I had a coffee maker to enjoy my morning watching sling TV (cable for your phone, including HBO)
I picked up the latest book I am reading (started reading again, since I spend so much time in my car...haven't read like this in years, 3 books in 2 weeks)

My mood has changed in many ways
I am feeling and doing better than before
Helping my daughter cope with her loss as well, and she is doing much better, much much better

Everything happens for a reason, a purpose, we just have to find the positive in every situation
Before, I had no time for many things that I've been putting off for years

I'm always going somewhere to discover new places
I do more research now about places, and cities I'm interested in, that's how I found the city where I'm moving to
Filled with history the way that I like
the downtown made me tingle as soon as i stepped foot on it
The amenities of the place where I'm renting cuts one of my bills out (the gym)
And in an area where I also have everything around me, stores, supermarkets and an ice cream place just across the street where they have 83 different flavors (yes, I did my homework)

I read every single day
My Kindle
I highlight little sections I enjoy and share them on Instagram, Facebook

I am so much happier
Enjoying nature, appreciating it
Not to mention I go to the gym 7 days a week, use the sauna 7 days a week, and my skin is flawless!!
I am shining, radiating light
People can sense it

I am actually glad this all happened
It had to happen like this
Somehow, and in someway
All this had to go down to help me open my eyes
Make me more humble
Showing me and teaching me what really matters

Sincerely Yours


tori said…
One of my cousins lived in his van for over a year when he split with his wife, he was offered places to stay, i was more than willing to have him live here with us, but no he wanted to do it his way, many thought he was mad.

He loved it, and now although he does have a new home and a new wife lol, he still says it was one of the best experiences he has had because it gave him time to reflect on the priorities in life and says he is all the better man for it.

You sound happy, and thats a good thing, its always best to look at the positives.
AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you tori
It has been very eye opening and the sense of freedom can't be described.
It is something we never wish to happen specially when one is at this age, but once again, making the best of each day
missy louise said…
Yes indeed you sound alike you have what you need for now hang in there
good breaks will come your way
julie said…
I was so pleased to read this post, sometimes when we are faced with difficult times doing something different is right. Glad you have been brave enough to do so. Hoping things start to get much better very soon though xx
AtiyaLuv said…
@missy louise
thank you, and I do feel like I have everything I need and even more than I asked for :)

thanks for calling me brave :) It is more like making the best of the situation and finding the positive in the situation...I find myself making orange juice from lemonades *grins*

have a most amazing weekend!
C Stag said…
It is all about perspective… isn't it?
It seems like your perspective changed… and you are definitely making the most of the situation, and taking a potentially negative situation, and seeing the positive…
well done. you should be proud of yourself...

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