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TMI Tuesday - Gossip

Recusen has once again given us some great TMI Tuesday questions. Thanks for that!


Note: Not asking you to reveal secrets. Give us the who without the what, or the what without the who, or obscure identity in some other way if you like. Would like to be titillated, though.


1. Are you privy to a secret about a famous person? Do you read gossip about famous people in magazines or online ?

I don't keep up with famous people, only what I hear from others or when standing in line at the grocery store I happen to glance over to the magazines and I pick it up depending who the gossip is about..example - the Duggars

2. Do you know of a co-worker, friend or neighbor who is currently having an affair? Are you having an affair?

I know of many having affairs...and of some who are having affairs but try to keep it on DL

and no, I don't have the need or the feel to have an affair, I very much happy and satisfied with in my relationship in every level

3. Have you ever had a secret that made you the subject of gossip?

not necessarily like that...
but I have been the subject of people assuming and getting accused of going back and forth. 
Lesson learned! 
I just got away from it all
I HATE, HATE and it PISSES me off people assuming and getting accused of things I have not done.

4. Do you like hearing gossip? What kind interests you most, e.g. sexual behavior, drug use, lying, betrayal, etc?

I don't like gossips if its about hurting other people or doing harm.  I do gossip but I never go back and forth with information

5. Do you pass gossip on when you hear it?

I used to talk to my friend, but I just learned, yes, I just learned this, that no matter if it is your best friend and you trying to look out for their best interest, DON'T even try it!
I made this huge mistake that I do not intent to make again.

6. Do you consider telling your spouse or partner to be consistent with a promise not to tell? Is he or she trustworthy with secrets

I don't have to worry about this and I never did...
my X-Husband will not repeat a thing I tell him, that is how loyal he is
my Master...pffft, very reserve, private individual, don't even need to worry about it or have to tell him to keep it a secret

Bonus: What is one private thing that you would like to know about someone?

oh my
I don't know...
I will have to think about this one a bit
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


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