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who fucked in my car?

My car is the town hockey pot

**there are other damages that are minor and i can just go to a junkyard, buy the part and replace it myself

In the inside (meaning the motor) she is amazing, purrs like a kitten, when she is on you can't even hear her, she gets all her maintenance done when it is due, but unfortunately...people do judge a book by its cover

It was a rough winter, so much snow, icy roads, and my car took a huge hit, or a few...
For instance: the first picture, that huge bang by the light, well, I had not moved my car for several days due to the cold, all the snow that came down, work was canceled due to weather, there was no need to go out.
when it was time to clean, the first thing I notice is the huge dent and according to my calculations it seem it was a snowplow, don't think another car could cause such a sharp dent
I don't even know why I bother to get upset, a few days after that my daughter takes the car to the bank and calls me with a shaky voice telling me she hit a car, adding another dent, and even worse because I had to practically smash in the quarter panel so I can open the door *rolls her eyes

when people see her from behind you would never guess, and as soon as they come around I get asked "what the fuck happened?"

My car can't pass inspection so that makes me a pro at avoiding cops, taking back roads and using my WAZE app to make sure I know what is ahead (waze is an app that other drivers let us know what is ahead of the road..traffic, accident, construction and yes, you guessed it, cops!!)

One of my students said that my car had so much bad luck because someone fucked in it, his nationality..Cambodian.  I was doubtful at this old wives tale, but when a Dominican student said the same thing and agreed with what he had stated I began to wonder..who fucked in my car?  I know it wasn't me!!

I began my investigation.

to make a long story short....
my daughter had her fun in my car.
I never had sex in my car but my friends, a few times, when we would go out they would climb to the back seat to suck each others pussy, did that count?
My car was parked for 2 years, and when I finally decided to put it back on the road and went to clean it out I found traces of what seemed to have been a huge party inside of it, pizza boxes, beer cans, roaches (blunt/weed roaches), soda cans, a blanket as well, seems that my kids allowed a friend in distress live in my car for several weeks...
my car was practically used as a hotel by a bunch of horny teenagers and now I am stuck with a car that is cursed by the fuck and it wasn't even me that actually enjoyed it, I am paying the consequences of others action.

I am told by many to buy another car, nope, car payments for this one here!
Actually trying to fix my baby but how do I break the fuck curse?!
I have a feeling this one will be taking a trip to Salem to see if I can get some incense and crystals to reverse the curse...I truly hope it works!

In a pickle here, don't know what to do...I move in 26 days and will have to travel further North and those cops are no joke! specially the state patrols, ouch!!!
now, good luck to me on that one

for now, just going with the flow, lets see what happen.  I really don't need another car payment, specially having a car that I can fix.

Sincerely Yours


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