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His collar, my pride

Just read a post at MPB - julie - Four days in as a collared slave, and I smiled from the first written word to the last...I couldn't help it, reminds me when I first received my Masters collar

I wrote a post last year my Collar vs my accessories  and there everyone can see how infatuated I am with accessories, specially necklaces.

I didn't think twice on giving them up for His collar, in fact when the collar came in the mail I just wanted to put it on and never take it off.
I remember the date I received it January 2014, I hardly worked that day taking trips to the lobby and hunting down the UPS truck until it finally arrived.
I opened the package delicately and carefully as if it was a piece of glass, took my time uncovering each layer of the paper that was used to protect it.

What a beautiful piece of jewelry
how can something so simple makes one feel so perfect, beautiful, wanted, loved.

I submitted April 20th, 2011, although I didn't have a physical collar I felt collared and acted as such :)
Didn't get the collar until January of 2014 (many things happened in between)
was able to wear it when he asked but when April 20th of 2014 came about, 3 years to the date after I submitted he told me to put it on and not take it off until I was before him when he would do the actual collaring

It was not difficult getting used to the collar, what I had to work on was the fact that I had the same accessory with every outfit and I had to say goodbye to other options, color scheme and unique piece that I often look for.  Options: something which I need to have (I need options, it is a necessity for me)

In my case the collar called much attention, most people know I am a slave, I don't hide it, I am very open about it, and everyone knows who I belong to as well, "the Dutch" as they refer to him.  As soon as I was seen wearing the same piece of jewelry for more than 3 days in a row the questions also began, of course I would proudly tell them that it is my Masters collar and is a symbol of my commitment to him and our relationship, it is an ownership symbol *grins
Loved each time it was noticed for it gave me the opportunity to show it off and talk about my Master, his collar and our relationship
yes, I am very proud of who I am and what I am

Finally this year I went to see my Master
February 20th, 2015
I took off the collar prior to the trip, mostly because of TSA - I felt naked, I felt unprotected, empty, I couldn't wait to put it back on.
When I arrived and we were finally alone, naked and pretty much wanting to attack each other (i speak for myself here, I wanted to jump on his bones so bad my mouth and pussy were at war - wet & watery)
I knelt before him, gave him the box which contained the collar and other things in it, he put the leash ring in the collar and then placed it on my neck, needless to say the inevitable happened, I began cumin and panting as he was doing it...
oh my, I get all flustered just thinking about!
haha, I will have to take off the collar when I travel in just a few months and I can't wait for him to put it back on *grins shivering
I live for such moments

It was great reading julies' post
makes me reminisce of how i felt when he told me he ordered it, when I received it, and how I feel now that i am wearing it.
I make sure it shows in every picture I take
this is a proud slave!!

at work

I love my Masters collar

Sincerely Yours


julie said…
So loving that my experience has brought back these wonderful memories. Having my collar placed around my neck was both emotional and erotic too; I also pretty much came on the spot! Your collar looks wonderful and it is plain to see you are so so proud to wear it. As am I xx

Hugs xxx
AtiyaLuv said…
I truly am proud.
I am very happy for you and you also show pride and love for your Masters collar.

Way to go julie!!! (More hugs)

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