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Home Sweet Home - Moved in

first morning at HOME

Still hasn't hit me yet
All moved in!
Friday I picked up a truck, headed to storage and began my move
Took me a few hours considering it was just my two daughters and I carrying boxes, and the little furniture I had left over from the last place

I have to start almost from scratch with everything, including a bed, but I don't consider that much of a problem at all or a set back

The apartment is huge, I even have a bathroom in my bedroom, two closets, ample kitchen...of course there is a downside to it all...the drive to work is 45 minutes and everyone seem to find the place extremely far to come and visit, do I mind? nah!

I slept in my car for about 3 weeks
stayed at my sisters the last two weeks prior to moving in
my experience has made me appreciate life and myself a lot more
It made me stronger than I was 
made me realize how strong I really am
it changed me for the best...
I am closer to nature
appreciating quiet moments
Meditation is more effective
more in touch with myself and my body
I appreciate the little things even more than before and do not take anything for granted
Everyday is a great day no matter what!
I have more patience
Reading, tons of reading, learning, practicing what I actually preach
huge improvement/change - I am actually saving money!!!! (that's a huge one for me)

Every experience that took place was for the best, not for one moment I felt defeated or felt like giving up, and if I had to do it all over again I would make the same decisions and choices (sleeping in the car) except one thing...telling my mother, that sorta changed the game for me, she begged and then laid the guilty trip on me about staying at my sisters.  For the future, I will lie! (see what happens when one tries to be honest?)

Now that I have a home I can concentrate on other things, such as:
my next trip to see my Master - 79 days!!
I a dream come true!

view from kitchen window...and my basil plant!
Sincerely Yours


julie said…
So happy to see you have moved into your new home and that along the way you have learned so much about yourself. Excited too that you see your Master in a couple of months :)
C Stag said…
Congrats on the new digs… the journey was part of the destination…
enjoy your personal time...
missy louise said…
congrats and those 79 days will pass fast
AtiyaLuv said…
julie thank you so much for your comment! i can't wait to see him

CStag thank you, I am thrilled, excited, i can't even sleep well cause I am so hyped up!

missy louise
78 more days as of today! and yes, it is going fast, will be here before i know it!

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