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The way He makes me feel - Willing

Laying here thinking...
Of the day he took me away
And he made forget
About time and space

While his hand were making his way
To my bare ass, while I laid facing down on the bed
Then he went and got the belt

The sounds still resonates
My heart still jumps in dismay
Of how I reacted that day
When my Master spanked me with the belt

I didn't feel any pain
Even when it came hard on me it was more pleasure and joy 
Looking at his expression, 

his eyes fixed on me, 
the way he looked at my reactions 
while I enjoyed his belt and his actions
he could clearly feel and see
the devotion and willingness to please

why did he stopped?
Why didn't I speak up?
Two questions that still linger in my thoughts

I didn't know I would enjoy
His hands, 

his belt, 
the spanks, 
the biting, 
the tickling 
and his curious way, 
I am in a place from where I don't want to get away

In his shackles
His collar
At his mercy 
At his feet
There is no other place where this girl would rather be

His slave
His property
To be always with him
Under his belt and his punishments and using me as he sees fit

I feel in limbo at this moment
Body feeling light as a feather
I wish I could remain this way
Where it feels there is no time and space
But I must go back to that place
Where it feels empty without him 
And I feel a stranger among friends

Oh wow my Master
This girl love and devotion runs deep
I often wonder
What are you going to do with me?

It has come to a point that is even hard to breath 
Can't even concentrate and most nights I don't sleep 
I ache for your touch
Your kisses
Your love
physical pain, muscles would ache
Who would think that love can make you feel this way?

After research I found this to be true,
I am not crazy or overreacting
I just feel love deeper than a lot of you
Why was I built this way?
Then I think back and understand
And it all begins to make sense

I was been prepared for what it was to be
Getting ready for the one that was to set me free
Who made me understand
Opened my eyes to what it could be
Then held my hand and led me to what it is

Teaching my body to listen and obey 
To his commands and demands
To everything he wishes and please
How easy it is for him to control me, 

and make me feel weak

How obvious it is
That I am completely His
And still I wonder, and I don't know why 
How could this be?
Is this really me?
Is this happening to me?
Is this all a dream?

A slave, collared and yet feeling so free


Jack and Jill said…
You are so tremendously sexy, and quite the poet as well.
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you so much :)
I have my moments of inspiration and of course..he is my muse when it comes to bringing the poet out of me


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