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TMI Tuesday - Language

Hello. I am posting this from an airport in FLA, via my smart phone. No frills, expect typos.

Thank you recusen for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

1.Do you speak any languages other than English? (English first only because the blog is mostly in English.)

Spanish :)

2. If you answered yes above, would you describe yourself as fluent? Which was your first language?

I am fluent in Spanish and it is my first language
English is my Second Language (ESL)

3. Did you study a foreign language in school (including college or University)? How much do you remember? Has it been useful to you? Can you speak it, or only read it?

I studied French and i cant remember a darn thing...not useful at all and I can't read it or speak it but....
went to Canada (Old Montreal) gave it my best shot and I think I did very well, I think..

4. If you were going to learn another language, which one would you want to study?

I have to learn Dutch because I am going to end up moving there one day (soon, i hope)

TMI Tuesday - That was Random!

Hello. Welcome toTMI Tuesday. That was random!

1. When you first skied down the slopes of love with your significant other were you a:
a. bunny hill beginner
b. a seasoned ski bum
c. black diamond risk-taker pulling out all the tricks and inversions

--didn't really understand the question
but the only answer that called out to me was..
C.  black diamond risk-taker pulling out all the tricks and inversions

2. If you had a sexual encounter in a taxi cab and the meter was running, costing you $1 per minute. How much would that cab ride cost you?


3. Who has the better sense of humor, you or your significant other?

He would say he does
but we both know is me!

4. What is the weirdest part of your nightly bedtime routine?

trying to fall asleep
looking for that cold spot to rub, my feet uncovered and shaking one foot to help me out with the process

5. Fill in the blank: I can’t stand to be called shorty .

there was a time men were calling their girlfriends/significant other "shorty&qu…

TMI Tuesday - Let's get personal

Let’s get personal 1. Toilet paper. How do you hang your toilet paper? The end coming over the top or with the end coming from around the back and at the bottom?

I never put attention to that to be honest...
after looking at the toilet papers in the bathrooms they are both opposite

2. Towels. Do you use a new one each time you bathe or reuse?

I use a new one every two days or so, but will not go over 3 days

3. Bathing. Do you use a washcloth to clean your body or use the soap directly all over your body with no washcloth?


4. Bra. Do you remove your bra by taking your arms out of the straps first, then inching it around your body until you can reach the clasp and undo it or do you contort your arms, and reach around and unclasp.

i dont wear a bra

5. Dishwasher. Rinse/pre-wash all dishes before loading or just load.

i have one but i dont use it
i am a firm believer of doing dishes by hand

6. Breakfast cereal. Cereal in bowl first, then pour on milk or put milk in bowl then add…

TMI Tuesday - none of our business, but we want to know

It may be none of our business but it’sTMI Tuesdayso tell us anyway:D

1. Tell us something you have dreamed of doing for a long time, why have you not done it?

Moving to where my Master is
I have to wait until my son graduates from high school and settle him into college.

2. Would you take advice from a porn star? If yes, what type of advice would you like to hear.

sure I would
I probably would ask her to give me some points on how to make my ass look bigger on camera

3. What is the sexiest thing about your boss?

her attitude, she could make a great Dominatrix/Mistress

4. Name something you need for a foursome (and I’m not talking about golf).

4 people!!!

5. What is the brand of condoms currently in your possession (in your home or on your person)?

questions like this are just a reminder that I don't get laid!
that should answer this question

Bonus: Tell us a sex act/behavior that you simply will not do. Why?

no water play, scat...etc

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