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4 days away

almost there

still not packed but everything that I am taking is on the bed and around the luggage waiting on me to be placed neatly inside.

so excited I find myself giggling and laughing randomly, unexpectedly.  so cool!

getting ready, doing my hair, manicure, pedicure and leaving the shaving for last, i really need to get some electrolysis, the shaving part is not so fun :/ but i do enjoy everything else!
I sorta messed up while coloring my hair, even thought i would have to redo it because i put everything in the bottle including the conditioner that it is used for after the coloring.  mistook one tube for the other, took a chance and it actually came out nice, even though i was worried my hair was going to fall off or end up with green hair instead
Beauty, such a pain in the ass sometimes.

All caught up at work and leaving everything ready but knowing how it really works i am sure i will be coming back to a few surprises, and although i have worked so very hard to make sure everything goes smoothly i also know that people will be making a big fuzz about something and drown in a cup of water (hypothetically speaking, but deep inside i really wish it would happen)

One thing is different this time around...
I don't care
I don't care what happens here at work while i am away, i will not be taking phone calls, will not check my email or, will not respond to texts from anyone that has to do with my department, I will not think of work like I do each time I am away, worrying about what it is been done, what its been said, how they are handling things and what is expecting me in my one of my coworkers would say "Fuck that!"


I am growing impatient and wanting the day to get here already
my body tingles, vibrates, and when my mind drifts thinking of his kisses the sensation that I feel going on in my pussy is unbelievable, it throbs, contracts, i feel my clit tingling and engorging, poor little thing!
The closer the days get the more I play with myself, the more I cum, oh what a horny little slut.

and then him teasing me!!

Master:  and it will be different than last time
me:  how so?
Master: we tested the waters then


the best part is that he didn't say or explain in what way it will be different but left me wondering knowing how i can get a bit carried away with my imagination...Teeeease!!!

oh, and by the way...
I have gained about 10-15 pounds since i moved into my new place
did it make a difference i was going to be traveling and seen my Papi mine?
the closer the days the more i would stuff my face!
only 4 days away and I am freaking out!  laying down before bedtime i look down and I look like a little frog
i just hope when the time comes i don't try to hide or not get to enjoy the moment because i am feeling self conscious at the moment, that would suck!!
yet, when i am with him at some point i am spaced out, i am floating and everything is just beautiful, i let go, i feel so good that the only thing that matter is how he makes me feel and how i am making him feel, then after the facts i am left wondering how the hell did i do "that", or said "that", or acted like "that", or didn't even flinch when he did "that"
then comes the next time and it happens all over again *grins*

geez this is torture!!
knowing that it is so close i can actually taste it, feel it
not that i often wish my days away for i have learn to love, enjoy and embrace each moment life offers but this is different, at least for me, because been with him gives more meaning to everything i do and all that i am, is like my purpose, don't know how to explain it, but it is just such a bliss and such a high knowing that i am where i feel that i belong, where i need to be, my fate, my destiny.

in just 4 days and 11 hours i will be taking off to be where i know that i belong

Sincerely Yours


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