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TMI Tuesday - story time

For this week’s TMI Tuesday write and title your sexual biography, in 250 words or less. Feel free to illustrate as well.

Sexy Stories

confessions of choc girl tmi

An invitation

From the corner of my eyes I see you, you see me
Feeling my temperature rising,
Could it be?
I want to fuck you,
And you want to fuck me?

Passing me by
Feeling your hand
Caressing the arch of my back
An invitation on your behalf

My eyes are glossy
A smirk
A thought
Looking at you
And all I can think about
Is how I am going to suck your cock

A plan has been made
Although nothing has been said
As I lift my head
Our eyes meet again
Following you in the distance
I see you disappear into another room
Out of my sight
But not out of my mind

Excusing myself from the crowd
In search for you now
I can’t yet see you
yet I can feel you

There you are
Not so far
Reaching out for me
Pulling me in
It happened so suddenly
When our lips meet

Your tongue soft
Warm and moist
I moan, you groan
Gosh, it feels like my very first kiss

We become desperate
The heat of the moment taking over us
Clothes been ripped off
And the inhibitions that must go
And still, not a word

In your hands you hold my wrists
I go down on my knees
Face to face with your dick
I slowly slide it in
Around your shaft a tight grip of my lips
Loving the taste as you drip

Pulling me up
To meet you lips
The way the feel as they run free
Making your way down to my slit
I love the way you flick on my clit
Makes my inner thighs shake
And as I cum they smack your cheeks

Turning me around
Feeling the hardness going in
As you smack both my ass cheeks
My pussy throbs and tightness
Around your dick
Back and forth I go to meet your thrust
I love how you fuck me
With such force

Your hands on my hips
Feeling my juices
Drip down my slit
You feel wonderful going in and out of me
I want to entice you
And I begin playing with my clit

You reach for my hair
Pulling it back
As you fuck and pound my pussy hard
The tension building up
And I begin to cum

Body shaking and trembling
The wetness between my legs
Satisfaction all over my face
And now it is your turn

Turning me over once again
How sweet the look of your face
Sliding your hard cock between my tits
Rubbing the tip against my lips
Slowly opening my mouth as I take it all the way in
I suck, and I munch on your cock
Feeling it hit the back of my throat
I feel that big load
That is about to unfold
With a fist full of my hair
You tilt my head back
As I look up
You look down
I feel the hot warm cum
Fill my mouth

And when you are done squeezing every drop
You lift me up
Embrace me tight
A passionate kiss
To end our time

You went your way
I went my way
And not a word was ever said

Bonus: Have you ever masturbated on public transportation? Why?

I don't think I have, but I am really thinking hard cause for some reason I feel that I have.

why?  I got horny, of course


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Sincerely Yours


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