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TMIT - Ohh Yeah Papi!!

Here at TMI Tuesday blog let’s talk about sex. Sex…ohhh yeah!
1. Sex. What are your areas of expertise?

Blow Jobs/Oral - I'm such a great cock sucker!
I was also great at doggy style but my Master sorta got me last time I was there, must make it a point to up my game next time

2. How long have you been having sex?

Since I lost my virginity...for 27 years!
minus the years I didn't have any, that will bring it down to about 23 years

3. What time of day do you prefer to have sex?
a. morning
b. afternoon
c. night

d.  I will take it any time of the day!  Morning - He gives me a reason to smile for the rest of the day; Afternoon - in case he wants me to take a nap, he already knows what to do; Night - I just sleep better and will be knocked out until the next day.

4. Do you charge for sex? Money or some other means of payment?

nah, i just do it for the orgasms and the pleasure

5. How long does your average sexual encounter last?

some days 2 - 4 hours
other days 2-3 hours in the mornin…

Can't get enough of your cock baby!

Every sub/slave thinks of their Master manhood to be the most amazing one of all, and although they may be right, I find my Masters' cock to be the greatest one of all!

My Masters' cock is perfect.
Before it rises to the occasion is already big enough
like the picture below the way he holds it in his hand...
me:  my Master! you so big!
Master:  is not even hard my little slut
me:  such a tease!!

By just looking at it I get wet When i feel him between my slit, pushing slowly, girl can't help the feeling and without even making an effort i cum as he slides in the way my tight pussy wraps around it not wanting to let go yes, my pussy has as much suction as my lips, difference is that i can control what my mouth does but i can't control my inner walls, they seem to have a mind of their own or better yet, he has the control

When I was sucking it I held it in my hand smacking my lips and my cheeks, I felt like a port start, haha I couldn't get enough, taking it all the …

TMI Tuesday - Decluttering

Remember when you got your computer, tablet and/or smart phone? Remember how tidy, and empty the virtual desktop looked? Remember you smart phone was uncluttered, had a few icons. Take a look now. Your desktop is filled with icons you barely use. Your smart phone no longer has just one home page but scrolls for several pages. I will bet your desktop and home screens are in desperate need of organization. This TMI Tuesday is also De-Clutter Your Virtual Desktop Day
1. Look at your computer desktop.

a. How many icons are on your desktop. 15
b. What 5 icons are you ready to remove immediately because you never use them.  0
c. Any sexy pic folders or porn clippings folders on that desktop? nope

2. Look at your smart phone or tablet.

a. Do you have one home page or does it scroll to several other pages? How many pages?  it scrolls to other pages but I really don't use more than 2
b. How many barely used widgets/icons/apps are you willing to remove from the home page(s) right now? 0
c. …

TMI Tuesday - make it sexy

Hello. It’s another TMI Tuesday

I am on VACATION Mode still
everything is about my trip
him and I!
what can be more sexier than that!

Fill in the blanks. Make it as sexy and as steamy as you like.

1. He turned me over and fucked me so hard and deep I was screaming to the top of my lungs
 . 2. He grabs pussy and squeezes it in his hand and I practically cum .

3. She _____ cautiously.

4. Now I am going to fuck the shit out of  you. (that's what i said to him before I left the US, but it was all the way around)

5. I will take you by your nutsack and do raspberries to them as I suck them and playfwith your cock! .

6. I He slipped my his hand under my skirt and his/her my pussy spasms.

7. In the shower she he let me wash and scrubher his entire body .

8. She grabbed his cock, and yanked and pulled until he came .

Bonus:  Is pornography like any other job–like acting is a job?
nah, there is too much pleasure involved to even be considered a job


TMI Tuesday - Moral Dilemmas

TMI from the Netherlands - cold and windy morning just like in DC but nothing to do with hurricane Joaquin :) loving it!!!It is a cold and windy day here in Washington DC area but at least the heavy rains from Hurricane Joaquin have gone away. Let’s make it a great day and do TMI Tuesday!-HMoral Dilemmas Ahead
1) You are at your best friend’s wedding just an hour before the ceremony is to start. Earlier that day, you came across definitive proof that your best friend’s spouse-to-be is having an affair with the best man/maid of honor, and you catch them sneaking out of a room together looking disheveled. If you tell your friend about the affair, their day will be ruined, but you don’t want them to marry a cheater. What do you do?
a. Tell your best friend and ruin what is supposed to be the best day of his/her life
b. Say nothing and let the wedding go as planned
c. Confront the intended groom/bride, and insist they ‘fess up to your best friend
d. Speak up when the wedding officiant says, “I…

confronting the butt plug

I'm beat
trying to do dishes and clean up has been a total disaster, absolutely no energy at all!

I could write about everything that happened but why waste it all on one post alone
will be writing about the impact the butt plug left on me

never have i used one, had one put in me, didn't know what to expect but i can tell you that i am in a bit of a daze, and still don't know what to make of it

We began the morning with love making, a few laughs on my behalf, sex, then a break to make us lunch, an encounter with a flogger but what came after is the matter that has me sitting sideways and wondering what i can do to help out my Master

after having some amazing sex as usual he turns me around laying on my tummy, grabs one of my scarfs blindfolding me which i didn't see coming by the way, he reached over grabbing the flogger, which I didn't know he had, and began using it on my back, my ass, parting my legs wide enough to expose my pussy and whack in between, ooh …