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confronting the butt plug

I'm beat
trying to do dishes and clean up has been a total disaster, absolutely no energy at all!

I could write about everything that happened but why waste it all on one post alone
will be writing about the impact the butt plug left on me

never have i used one, had one put in me, didn't know what to expect but i can tell you that i am in a bit of a daze, and still don't know what to make of it

We began the morning with love making, a few laughs on my behalf, sex, then a break to make us lunch, an encounter with a flogger but what came after is the matter that has me sitting sideways and wondering what i can do to help out my Master

after having some amazing sex as usual he turns me around laying on my tummy, grabs one of my scarfs blindfolding me which i didn't see coming by the way, he reached over grabbing the flogger, which I didn't know he had, and began using it on my back, my ass, parting my legs wide enough to expose my pussy and whack in between, ooh lordy lord!! the sensations i am having at this moment from thinking about it is like i am there all over again...
all i feel are his hands going up and down slowly against my skin, it felt so relaxing, he stops, i choke, i wonder what else he will be pulling out that bag, too bad for me i couldn't see, next thing i feel is a liquid been poured in between my butt cheeks, yes, i tensed up a bit, i still consider myself half ass virgin
he slowly begins to slide it in, he was as gentle as the first time, gosh he is amazing!  he thrusts in and out until the buttplug is in, i feel the weight of his body on me, the warmth of his breath near my ear as he whispers "cum" and i do as he says
he lays next to me, rolls me over as i lay on top of him with my back against his chest, spreads my legs open and starts to masturbate me, he takes the blindfold off looking into my eyes, i can feel the sensation of the butt plug in my ass, the way my muscles tighten around it as he keeps flicking on my clit, it pops out, of course he placed it back, looking into my eyes and showing me how to breath so i can relax, i could have cum then and there too, did i mention he is sooo gentle...then continues to masturbate me while kissing me, again, my pussy begins to contract and the plug comes out, he didn't stop masturbating, he continued flicking, massaging, rubbing my clit until i reached yet another orgasm

we laid there talking, laughing, like we always do after we finish, i wanted to look at the flogger and the butt plug so bad!
i still had  not seen either of them
i was expecting a big butt plug but when i asked him to see it and seen the size of it i was very surprised, it was big but it felt bigger inside of me.  by the way, the butt plug is a starter butt plug, in other words, i need to stretch my ass a bit more.

i am not going to say i don't like it yet, still experimenting, and experiencing it, very new at it. is it normal to be this nervous
yes, i am tense when he is around my butt area, i shouldn't be, i can't help it, i still think it was adorable how he was helping me to relax and it did help

i would like to get one to use it back home, then again, one of my guiltiest pleasures is having to experience things for the first time with him, i enjoy when he is the one doing it to me, is more erotic, and the little masochist in me enjoys when he is the one applying the pain
that little confrontation with the plug left a lot think about
love it?
hate it?
i don't know, i can't answer that, but knowing he is the one that is putting it in, that likes it in me, that wants to put it in is good enough for me and that is more than enough for me
pleasing him, pleases me and really makes me so happy

my ass is sore
my pussy is sore
my left nipple is sore
and i feel i can sleep for days!

it was a wonderful day!


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