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Now I understand why Yogis eventually give up their cars!

((Just an observation))

Lately I have been experiencing a bit of anger towards other people while on the road, not because of their bad driving but because of the way they act, and react.

So many bad and angry drivers out there.

For a while now I have been doing my share of practicing what I preach, meditating, doing stretches in the morning and night because I really want to give this yoga a try, setting fears aside, letting go of what is not good for my body and mind and another one is controlling and letting go of anger which I think is one of the hardest ones to do.
I am up to date with several instablogs I follow from people who practice yoga and holistic living and I have noticed that most of them have given up on their vehicle.  I also read that monks don't drive either and after a bit of research I found out it is because of the anger issues that can be developed while driving (also because of pollution and such)

You see, Yogis practice to be present and focused on what they are doing, when they are doing it.  A lot of people while driving are not present in the task at hand, we are not concentrating on the road and other vehicles, I am one of those and trying to change that, but with a 45 minute drive to and from work my mind will drift and I will begin to daydream, plan, make mental lists, remember things that I forgot and needs to be done, I am not really fully paying attention.

For the past 2 weeks I have been paying attention to my driving, and other drivers and let me tell you, there are so many people rushing in the morning, cutting people off, driving extremely fast, texting and driving, unconscious drivers who think they are the only ones on the road and have no regards for others safety, I move to the middle lane when approaching an exit to let incoming vehicles merge without having to worry that they are in a race with me, or that they are going to pass me and get to their destination faster than me.
I don't tailgate and really don't appreciate when someone does it, matter of fact in the past if someone was on my ass I put step on the breaks suddenly to give them a scare, they got the hint because there were times they came close to hitting me.

There are also the passive drivers, they drive slow even when the speed limit is posted but still they decide to drive slow holding a huge line.  I know someone like this, if she sees someone behind her trying to rush she will slow down and go as slow as it is allowed by the law just to piss them off, I have told her that one day she is going to get hit or shot, specially the city she lives in (made to the 100 most dangerous cities in the US).

I have learned to take my time, not get angry and just let it be, concentrate in the task at hand.  Don't get it twisted it is the hardest thing to do, trying to be calm and not reach to the back seat, grab the aluminum bat and just break a window so they get the hint that they are going 25 in a 45 limit!!!  then again, I am working through all that.

Today I was paying even close attention at my driving and other drivers.  Since meditation was awesome I wanted to continue with the flow I woke up with, calm, cool and collected.  I  noticed other drivers and their driving and yup I can see and understand now more than ever why Yogis eventually give up driving, I just couldn't believe the things that go on the road and how angry people are so early in the morning

Things I have learned and applying...
 - move over when I see cars coming into the highway
 - leaving my house with enough time
 - if running late, hey, I'm late already, rushing, speeding is not going to help me get there any quicker, in fact, I have learned that in this cases rushing for some reason will make me make more mistakes and things will go wrong all over
 - concentrate on the task at hand
 - not getting angry, and if someone does something stupid I do not retaliate, even better, I don't acknowledge them at all and try to stay either far behind, or find a way to lose them (someone followed me all the way home over some road rage...they thought they were following me home but I drove straight to the police station instead)
 - although I am an offender and it is something I have been correcting, people, if you don't have the skills to text and drive, DONT DO IT!! - I know it should not be done at all, I am an offender specially when it comes to answering my Master (he don't know i am texting and driving...well, now he does)

Unfortunately I moved to a state where public transportation is limited to only the cities and towns, is not like New York or Boston, they also take a longer time to go around doing the runs, and no trains either, it really sucks.
I was able to commute when I lived in MA, but still it was too much, a 15 minute ride would turn into a 2 hour fiasco, 3 buses and a train, I did enjoy every minute of it but it took 1 hour and 45 of my precious time which I have also learned to appreciate and take advantage of it all.
It is a shame that a car is more of a necessity than a need, I only wish I had an option.

Sincerely Yours



DtBHC said…
Based on my recent experience I'd have agree with you. I started meditation 8 weeks ago and now drive with far more presence. I no longer play the radio, I have the windows down and really feel one with the car. In time I could see myself driving less and less.

Thank you for your insight.
AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you DtBHC!
I wish there was a way to give up driving all together, I actually think this might happen once I move to another country :)
and yes, I have experienced the same, I hardly ever turn the radio on, and when I do I find myself listening to the classical station.

have a great weekend!
C Stag said…
I definitely agree with the amount of terrible drivers on the road… or as you mention, ones that simply are not paying attention to actually driving…
The number of people I see on the phone or texting every day, is absolutely ridiculous… you can tell immediately that someone is doing one or the other…
It's scary. I find myself either really slowing down to get away from them, or moving away from them on the road, if at all possible…

However, I love to drive. I love long drives in the country or scenic areas… pulling over and stopping to take in a view in a rural area… I enjoy seeing all the different parts of New England. Main Streets and back roads of little towns. Coastal cities and towns… and quite frankly, I'd see none of them, without a car… having a car allows me to work 2 jobs (impossible to get to either without one)… and it allows me freedom to do things, run errands, get to cultural events, and save precious free time, that I simply have very little of…

If I were independently wealthy, I'd probably drive a lot less… but if you have to make a living… not having a car can inhibit where you can work, or even what type of work you do. For instance, a salesperson in just about any field, has to have transportation at his/her disposal.

Driving is stressful when you are going to & from work. But I find it relaxing on a day off.
The yoga, definitely helps de-stress from life's daily grind.
AtiyaLuv said…
LOL, yes, seen someone texting and driving is scary, I try not to look at my phone, but I am an offender
and I do agree with your comment!
and in all honesty, a car is a necessity in New England.

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