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Things are great!

Still adjusting to the new changes.  I have learned that every single day is an opportunity to make it better.  I concentrate on today, the moment, not dwell on past hurtful events and just keep moving forward.

I do compare what a difference from where I used to be to where I am at and wow!  What a difference.  Feeling content, happy with myself, with the decisions I've made, the approaches I've taken to feel better, be better, positive mind, and attitude.

How much I have grown and the difference it has made.
It sucks in a way haha...
for example:
It is so hard for me to go grocery shopping like I did before, I am always questioning how the food is grown, if the eggs are cage and hormone free, getting away from red meat, and it is a struggle each day.
When I was in NL it was easier, I was not as doubtful when purchasing food, and I ate at ease, the food was more fresh, and one can tell the difference.
Is the same when I go to DR; I knew that the chicken I was eating was fresh, my son actually couldn't believe the size of the drumstick, he thought it came from a pigeon, since they don't use growth hormones they are actually the size they should be, I think.
Still have a long way to go, create ways and ideas to cut down on things I buy, grow them at home, a plan is in motion and so far so good

Meditation makes a huge difference and using crystals to do it helps even more.
I have been using crystals now for about 2 years but now they have become a daily companion and very resourceful in my health and energy balance.
I don't leave home without them

Incense are used on a weekly basis, specially Monday morning when it is time to start a new week at work, that sage is a must, palo santo when meditating, and once a month I do a home cleanse, it has done wonders to my home, I love to be home but now I feel a sense of tranquility I always longed for.  I look around and I have tons of ideas on how to decorate, colors I want to play with, I see the possibilities, I am even into the Christmas spirit, I seen the tree that I want, thinking of the decorations I will use, really feeling festive, who knows, I may even do a little something for my bday!

Very thankful for everything that has transpired this year.
Living in my car for that month was the biggest eye wakening experience I ever had, made me see the beauty of nature, of life, I learned all over again how to love me, appreciate myself and everything around me, made me see how we are all connected in someway and somehow.
I had to make some sacrifices, needed to readjust my surroundings, it was a huge adjustment, it was a painful process but realizing what it was best for me hit me like a ton of bricks and I acted, I have no regrets and will do it all over again if I needed to.


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