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LoveWorkMoney 1. When did you last sing a love song? What song? Did you sing it to someone? Angel - Aerosmith
this morning on my way to work, didn't sing it to someone but was thinking of someone when I was singing it! 2. How do you want to spend a special day with your lover? in bed chatting, talking, sex through most of the morning...then cook naked and browse through music/youtube while waiting for lunch to be ready, eat together from the same plate, cuddle, huddle, sex, afternoon, I miss him terribly  3. What is the ideal number of calls/texts a couple should exchange in a day? Why did you say that? I am not putting a number to it...any amount is welcome, and of course it all depends...some days people may talk a lot, some days are just slow 4. With regards to work, what do you enjoy doing (again, and again)? lectures, I love standing in front of a class doing lectures or workshop with my students (adults) 5. Are you on track with your work career? Are you where you wanted to …

TMI Tuesday - Analyze Your Sex-Life

Get real, over-share. . .Time for another TMI Tuesday! Analyze Your Sex-Life 1. What are your sexual strengths and weaknesses? sexual strengths - I enjoy satisfying my partner, I am  not afraid to let Him know what I like, how something feels good as much as something doesn't feel so good. weakness - i freeze, and i feel like he is the one doing everything (i consider myself to be a great fuck and very willing, I excel or best yet, try to in all i do, so far, so good...)
2. As a couple, what are your sexual strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths - The connection we have, that we share, we are in tune with each other, on the same page.  It is incredible!
Weakness - Distance
3. How do you make intimacy a priority in a relationship? I really have no answer for this, really, I don't in a LDR for a while now, I seriously dont know much about that for the moment.  This year my priority is to build an intimate and close relationship with myself (still working on that, only 19 days into the year)

TMI Tuesday - Love, Lust & Sex

Love,Lust & Sex
1. Why do you fall in love?

Why do fools fall in love in the first place?
all i can say this last time I fell hard, wasn't expecting it, wasn't looking for it.   I am glad it happened

2. What makes you fall in lust?

it has been a long time since this happened to me
I think sex can make someone fall in lust.

3. If you are in a monogamous sexual relationship and your significant other has sex outside of your relationship, will you forgive them?

I am at an age where I feel confident enough to say that whatever happens happens, only thing that will change...if my Master is promiscuous, the pussy will have a sleeve on it cause there will not be any chance of me having unprotected sex, no way I am going to go my entire life without a STD and now in my old age i'm gonna have to deal with it.

4. What do you idolize?

my Papi, our relationship and crayola!

5. Where are your erogenous zones?


TMI Tuesday - What is sexier?

What is sexier…
1. arms or shoulders?

shoulders - i love kissing his neck and shoulders

2. ass or legs?

or?  why or, why not or/and?
I like both but if it came down to just one...legs, cause my Papi mine does not have any ass! *grins

3. pussy or dick? Why?

strictly dickly here, I am a heterosexual, already been there and done that with the bicurious thing.  I will stick to the cock I know

4. feet or hands? Why?

Chemistry or Alchemy

(I took a walk yesterday morning and found a small book store and of course I had to go and check it out.  I met the most wonderful lady, we spoke for hours, shared stories, books, knowledge, it was very inspiring!  We spoke about chemistry and such and she wanted me to know the difference between Chemistry and Alchemy, to be honest, I've heard the word but didn't know what it meant but now I do.  The passage was in Spanish and I tried my best to translated.  Hope you enjoy)

"I asked the teacher what was the difference between chemistry and alchemy in relationships and He answered with these beautiful and wise words:

- People looking for "Chemistry" are scientists of love,
that is, they are accustomed to action and reaction.
People who find the "alchemy" of love are artists,
constantly create new forms of love.

Chemistry  loves by necessity.
Alchemists by choice.

Chemistry dies over time,
Alchemy is born through time ...

Chemistry loves the package.

Sex and Energy

Each time a man connects with a woman sexually and releases his life form energy within her, he leaves a part of his information (DNA) in her birth canal. If she doesn't clean herself, his energy remain inside of her.  That imprint can often create illusional sexual addiction to the individual.  When someone decides to have multiple partners, it can sometimes send mixed emotional signals within the inside of the body's vibration system. 
Women must be careful of different energies or spiritual forces polluting their internal temple. You are a sacred doorway, where life is intended to pass through, respect yourself, use your gifts wisely!  Just think about it and ask yourself...  Ever wonder why they call it sexual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It's an inter(nal) course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or energy with energy. This is something that a condom can't protect you against because energy is behind the elements of all flesh.
There is…