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BUSY and a bit of ranting!

Wednesday Morning

my TMI is up, late but it is up.
Proud of myself for that
I didn't get to post the last two weeks, have been going through some hardships in my personal life and now things are about to start getting much better and the year I was anticipating is about to begin.

I had my hopes set on high for 2016, I made a shit load of plans but like the quote goes "wanna see God laughing?  just tell him your plans" aint that the truth!

in need to get back in the swing of things
Haven't meditated in 2 weeks
I haven't had sex with myself for 2 weeks
I've been like a zombie in the past 2 weeks, I even fell asleep at work and who catches me?  no other than my boss. 
Yup, caught by the one in charge, hello! talk about having a rough beginning of the year!
we are only in February, many are saying "wow, it is going fast" but for people having it rough is like "wow, and is only February?"

Having a positive mind helps, it is also suggested to surround ourselves with positive and lucky individuals to change our luck, oook....I have been withdrawn from the world since June of last year, left every friend I had behind (the few I had). 
I did a huge spring/summer cleaning in my life and just let everything go, started fresh, new, it also made me see friendship in a very different way and how close I should allow myself to get to people.  One of the biggest lesson I also acquired was to set boundaries.  I've met people and have built some relationships but none have been as close as the one I had before.
Although I can't talk shit, I have a new friendship that it gets better by the days.  Older gentleman, awesome in every way, I can't be more thankful and I should consider myself one lucky one cause he is as serious as they come, people have respect for him and they look up to him, and to call him my friend and also have the privilege to be called his friend, the way he trusts me, is wow to me!
There are some good things coming my way, well, great things, but it has been delayed for whatever reason, I started to become a bit of a 'negative Nelly', with a hint of 'Debbie downer', but after going over everything last night, cleaning and clearing out the apartment, changing the energy/chi I feel so much better.
I should have done this a few weeks ago, maybe things would have turned around a bit, but instead I began to dig a hole for myself, shit no!  I am not doing there again!
Already went through some hard times during 2014/2015, there is no way I am ever going back there again!

It is just the beginning of the year, I already turned myself started out great, hit a bump 2 weeks ago today, and going to make sure that it does not affect the rest of my plans.

I am still learning, still in the process.  I am no longer as angry as I used to be, I put my energy in things that will help me grow, teach me, and allows me teach others.

As of yesterday, each time I leave my room in the morning heading to the kitchen to make coffee the first thing I see is this quote...
"Each morning we
are born again.
What we do today
is what matters most."

feeling very inspired

Hope everyone is enjoying February!!
I wanted to do the photo fest and dang, missed it!

Sincerely Yours


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