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on a day off from work

Usually if school is cancelled work is cancelled

Woke up at my usual time this morning (5am), took a look outside and after seen the snow and noticing that it was still snowing I went back to bed and waited with the phone in hand for school cancellation notice.
Finally I see a post in FB where it says our students didn't have school, I began to celebrate, jumped out of bed, took a shower, put some clothes on and went outside to clean the car (needed sugar for my coffee).  It looked like a blizzard hit us, the more I cleaned the more it came down.
Slid all the way to the supermarket and back, made my black gold and sat down near the window while listening to some smooth jazz watching the wonderful white coat that covered every car, tree, and the roads while making plans of what to do, I even made a list.
Life was good...

Celebration was over around 11am when I get a call from work asking where I was...ooops
Made me wonder why they waited 4 hours to call me when I am usually at work by 7am.  Really?
Apparently there was no school but staff had to go in.  Didn't get the memo!
I dislike wasting unnecessary days off/PTO/vacation, but then again, I didn't know at the time I was going to need it...(forward to a few hours later)

To add to my wonderful, fun filled, adventurous day...after waiting for my period for a few months, it decides to show up today.
This menopause business does not agree with me.  Not knowing when the period will come, skipping months and when it decides to arrive it comes with a vengeance.  I am not used to this type of surprises, before I knew when it was going to come, a day before I would be a crying mess, or bite heads off, that was my cue, but since my body is changing and I am now going into a new phase in my life, guessing I am going to have to learn to like surprises from now on, or at least adjust because from what I heard this is going to last for about 10 years.

I don't mind getting older
Very proud of my age
even my gray hairs (I don't color my hair often, twice a year, if any)
Seen my body going through changes that are not welcome and feeling now I have to really get up and work hard at eating better, work on leveling my weight so it doesn't affect other areas, things I put off all this years because I had time to get them done and now I am entering a new phase in my life which I feel that by procrastinating I have to work twice as hard to get myself where I need to be.

In conclusion I have not done much today
Too much planning and not enough actions, other than watch tutorials on YouTube in order to learn how to build clothes in second life, yup, very productive (rolls her eyes)
I could and should blame it on the evil cramps, but nah, I am seriously lacking motivation.

So wrong when one knows what they should be doing but feels better just sitting back and just thinking about doing it and accomplishing everything, but just ones my head *sighs

Still a few hours left of the day, I am sure I can get a lot done, but later.
ah, procrastination, my true friend


missy louise said…
We all need a day off to do exactly that take a day off.
Have a wonderful day
AtiyaLuv said…
yes we do @missy louise.
thank you, have a great Wednesday.

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