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Sinful Sunday - my only toy

this is the only toy I own.
I have to say that one of my favorite things about it is the color.  

Lots of people believe that because I used to be in the toy sale business I would have more and/or use more toys, but unfortunately I do not.  It is a matter of preference, or maybe is because I have not found the trick to enjoying with playing with myself and using toys in order to achieve pleasure and explore other areas

Although I have this little beauty it is not used as often, usually it is kept hidden under tons of folded clothes on the top rack of the closet...such a waste
It has about 7 or 8 different vibrating motions but the only only that is used is the fast one.
Maybe I should try other ones, the ones for penetration, this one is too hard for my own liking, I love the ones that feel more real, that can be squeezed a bit, or with a softer lining like the velvet tongue.
...for now, this one is doing the job when I want to achieve a quick orgasm in a very short amount of time!

see who else is playing!!


Marie Rebelle said…
Who needs more toys than one favorite? I have to say, we have tons of toys and I end up using only two of them regularly.

Nice image :)

Rebel xox
Jo said…
The light and shadows in this photo are fantastic!
Molly said…
If it does the trick then one is all you need. I feel the same about most vibrators to be honest but I do love my glass dildos

Velvet Rose said…
If it works then it is all you need! Love the composition of the image.

Velvet x
Anonymous said…
I have a fav toy, too!
JustLikeHeaven said…
Sometimes you just find that right toy or few toys that you use daily. I know I have a few I use while camming daily that I really enjoy and I have a whole bunch of toys.
AtiyaLuv said…
I really would like to experiment more with some different ones, play around to see which i like, for now I have no other choice than to like it since it is my only one.
I will be improvising!

thank you!

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