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Friday is Boobday - me day!

today I took a day off to relax, recuperate from two weeks of coughing and acute bronchitis.
I also began my vitamin b12 shots last night and today I feel very energized.
Almost fainted when I poked myself...I don't get it, i have my nipples pierced, clit pierced, tattoos and I can't give myself a darn vitamin shot!  I did do it, but it took so long, and then I was so scared about so many things! 
Glad I did it, but not looking forward to doing it again, but is a most!

Happy Friday


Molly said…
Needles and injection have never bothered me but I know for some people there is just something about the whole idea of it that freaks them out. Like my phobia for balloons, where I tell myself it is just me being silly, I still can't seem to control that reaction to just run and I guess needles are the same for you. I hope next time is a little less stressful.

LOVE your picture this week, that cheeky happy smile is fabulous

Marie Rebelle said…
You have a gorgeous smile!

Rebel xox
Modesty Ablaze said…
Well I'd say all that Vitamin B is working. You look so gorgeously happy and smiling. And I just love that peek!!!
Xxx - K
AtiyaLuv said…
I never had issues with needles as long as is not me holding it, I have piercings and tattoos and I took it like a trooper, but last night when I did it to myself it was the hardest thing.
I also share the balloon phobia with you...I can hold them from a string because they are up and flying...but when they are near me I sorta freak cause of the fear of the popping!

thank you so much!

@modesty ablaze
thank you! the B12 is doing the job, tons of energy and happier.
missy louise said…
Have a great weekend glad your feeling better.
your smile and breasts brightened my day
julie said…
Great photo and lovely smile. I am with you on the needles, I am a nurse and find the idea of stabbing myself enough to make me queasy. Glad you are feeling better xx

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