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Sinful Sunday - Diastema

man:  I love your diastema
me:  my what?
man:  Diastema, it is the gap between your two front teeth
me:  aaah that! thank youu
man:  do you know what it means?
me:  i dont know, i've heard that women with that gap are very sexually active, others have said they are hoes, ya know, myths here and there
man:  (laughs)
me:  (decided to join him so I laughed as well)
man:  women with a diastema were said to have lusful characteristics, they are also associated with being attractive, and in France they were called lucky teeth because men that had it were unfit to go to war because they could not open their powder magazine.   Actually, men would break their own front teeth on purpose so they didnt have to go to war.  Have you ever thought of getting braces?
me:  nope, I've always loved my gap.
man:  as you should.

**I have been told by a few dentists that I should get braces to help close the gap between my two front teeth.
I think it makes me attractive/sexy and closing it would make me look different, I feel it would change the way I look.
I can't remember a day in my life I didn't have it.  
As I get older I feel it is a bit wider and probably with age it will open even more cause my wisdom teeth were removed.
I love my Diastema, I think it accentuates my lips

Kiss the lips and it will redirect you to other sinners 


Silver Dom said…
This made me laugh. Greats pics.
Jo said…
I *love* the first shot - your shiny lips beckon!!! Don't change your teeth - they're part of who you are. I have indented front teeth and I'm proud of them!
submiseric said…
You have a beautiful natural gap which i find beautiful on a woman. It must be something thats well admired, the wlady in the Rimmel,London advert shows her gap off in every pose. Lovely images with a sensual feel ;)
Michael Malflic said…
It is a very Sexy look!
heelsnstocking said…
A sexy look. I can see the appeal. xx
C Stag said…
these images are great! among my favorites I've ever seen from you…
Fondles said…
HIYA LUV!! I'm back. oh it took me a good while to find your blog again. but I did. I'll catch up slowly:)
Marie Rebelle said…
You have a beautiful mouth!

Rebel xox
Molly said…
It is strange isn't it how we have come to a place where everything is meant to be perfect and straight? I think your gap is very sexy too. My daughter has exactly the same gap and like you she says she likes it

AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you all!!
We are in a world where society would like us to be a certain way. But happy and comfortable in my own skin, what some may find to be imperfections is what makes me unique.

Foondles!!! Welcome back!!! (Hugs) heading your way too to get updated
HappyComeLucky said…
Well these pics prove that it is a smokingly sexy look.
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you HappyComeLucky

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