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Sinful Sunday - Cry Baby

I had surgery on Thursday for my torn meniscus, the ACL is not yet repaired, they said they were going to wait on that for now, it would be too painful for me
cause I am in total agony!
Thursday was not as bad, due to the anesthesia I slept most of the day and night, but when Friday came I really wanted the roof to cave in land on me!
I have never experienced such pain!
I have not walked in 3 weeks, my leg is already losing muscle tone, and to be totally honest, I am so scared.
I was told by the doctor to begin to put weight on the knee and I have done what I was told, he also gave me some exercises he wanted me to try and I am so sorry to disappoint him but there is no way I am going to even try them with my knee still swollen, is he crazy???
I am scared
scared my legs will not not look the same anymore, they already look so different.
scared that I will not walk the same, I am afraid to walk without the crutches, i don't trust my knee at this moment and I don't feel comfortable.
This is the biggest obstacle I've encounter by far in my life.
Unable to do the regular, and normal everyday things we take for granted like taking a shower, driving to work, enjoying the few little days we get for a so called summer.

I will get better, things will get better, but for now.....just wait

see who else is sinning 


Silver Dom said…
I am sorry. I hope things get better soon.

Silverdrop and I live with chronic pain, and it is hard.
I just want to hug you!
HappyComeLucky said…
I hope you feel better asap.
Jo said…
I agree with Cammies; I want to hug you so hard. May your pain subside soon and your recovery speed up. <3
Marie Rebelle said…
So sorry to hear you're hurting so much. Hope you recover soon!


Rebel xox
JFBreak said…
I recently had a total knee replacement. I know it hurts but you have to do the exercises in order for it to get better. Can't they give you some drugs to help ease the pain while you do the required rehab? I feel so bad for you.
Molly said…
Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear all this. I really think you should try doing the exercises though as I think they will help with the healing and the swelling. Start off gentle and slow and you will get there

Lord Raven said…
I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope it passes soon and all your fears are laid to rest and your back on your feet
AtiyaLuv said…
All hugs are welcome!
I can't take pain meds because I am allergic to them, I get hives, itchy and sick to my stomach. I did try some new ones but they give me a headache, so why even bother?

as to the exercises, I have been putting weight on my leg, tried bending my knee but it was too swollen, today i have been able to bend it a bit more.
I still have one more surgery to repair the ACL, hope is not as bad as this one, although I've been told is less painful than before.

thank you all for your wonderful get well wishes, the hugs, so very appreciated!

Hugs back!!
missy louise said…
i saw this when You first posted it and started crying for You. Wish i culd take the pain for You and You wouldn't have to suffer. Just looking at the tears in your eyes hurts me. Wish there was something i could do for You.
i was happy to see all the wonderful responses. i can only wish You the very best and hugs all over.
Fondles said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fondles said…
oh sweet sweet thing. i'm so sorry it hurts so badly. but you really really do hv to do some of the exercises in order to help the recovery. can you ask for a different medication that might be more effective for you?

have you tried essential oils to ease the pain? since you're not a good candidate for meds? i'm not very much help right now... :(

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