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Sinful Sunday - Toys

I don't really have toys and my attempt in getting them always seems to be a fail
why should i bother?
Don't play often enough, feels like I don't have that sort of privacy at home either and that also gets me discourage.

my Master sent me a pic of things that were to be used on me, I only got to see a few of the gadgets (3) and only 2 used on me
the plug and the lubricant which is not really a toy.  Must say I was really looking forward to the pink cuffs, and the candles.

I really wanted to start my own little treasure chest of toys but for some reason I feel my finger is doing a great job so far and I dont play well on my own and would much rather have a playmate.

I went looking for pics of toys I may have, but most of the toys I bought I got to use once and never looked back

I bought some rope to do some and learn how to wear clothes under my clothes

this was a gift which is the only one I use this days

Used this one several times, lost it somewhere, about a year later I found it cleaning out the trunk of my old when I was about to sell it, it now sits in my purse until I am ready to clean it up.

other amazing sinners, KISS ME!



Silver Dom said…
Lovely pics, and an interesting tale. :)
Jack and Jill said…
Sexy shots, but it's the last one, with your parted lips and just-visible tongue that's most captured my imagination!
Fondles said…
I am the same. I buy them but many end up used only once. And i keep going back to the same trusty vibe over and over again. The rest seem like a waste.
missy louise said…
love your photos and sexy body as Jack & Jill wrote that last one wow
the rope around your breast very nice
Molly said…
Love the middle picture with the matching lilac toy, nails and sheet.


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