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Spartan Race and Injury

almost two months ago a friend told me she was putting a team together to run a spartan sprint race, I jumped to the opportunity!

She gathered a nice group, best thing about it is that we all know each other and most of us work together.  She has been doing the spartan race since 2012, she even completed a trifecta and that takes training and a lot of guts if you ask me.

Some began to walk daily to prepare, some went to the gym, I took a part time job cleaning which at the beginning was kicking my ass but as the days progressed my body adjusted and it became easier, my daily exercise.  Only downside to it is that I really don't have much of a life from Mon-Fri for I get out of one job and go to the next.
Paycheck is worth it, when I saw it I took my broom and cleaning supplies and skipped all the way to the cafeteria.

Back to the spartan race.

She volunteered us on Saturday so we could race for free on Sunday, only thing that needs to be paid is $14 for the insurance/waiver fee (which is amazing considering the race ranges from $99 - $155)

Really enjoyed the volunteering and will be doing it again throughout the summer (soon as i can begin walking again)

Woke up at 2:30 am, got ready and was on the road by 3:30 for volunteers needed to be there before 6am.  Of course I had to stop at Dunkin Donuts to get that coffee, that fuel, that awesome cup of hot black gold that makes one feel like taking over the world!! (or just getting through the morning)

Parking was free, they provided us with water, sandwiches, chips, health bars, and a potty to use just for volunteers AWESOME!  (parking is free just for volunteers).  Other benefits for volunteers:  free lockers for the race day (usually 5 bucks)  and choice of time you want to run regardless of how full that race is.

The day was amazing, not a cloud in sight, hot, a bit muggy, and the entire place just felt perfect.

There were no breaks (didn't even noticed until it was time to leave), we worked from 5:30am - 2:30pm, it was fun, met great people, laughed, munched through working, learn how to do transfers, verified peoples identity, processed payments, registered people.

It is amazing all the people you see there competing from all walks of life, I saw a war veteran with a missing leg and an arm he could barely used, he run the race.  I felt so proud because my brother is in the military, oh and military people also go in for free.
Another girl had no mobility of her legs, she was using crutches, she also run.  Seen all the people who were running made me feel comfortable for the next day, I also had some people looking out for me and already making plans to meet for the next day.
I felt confident!!

After the volunteer work i went to my part time job, tied up some lose ends, went to the store to buy some gear and home for rest and sleep.

Morning came fast.  I woke feeling like I was on top of the world.  Took a shower, hair in a ponytail, new gear on, and I was on my way.

That morning was foggy and it was suppose to rain through the day

I thought I was running a bit late, but when I communicated with the rest of the team we actually arrived at the parking lot assigned for those competing at the same time.  Met up and walked to the school buses to be transported to the farm

all her idea!!

the place looked amazing, a bit gray, and cold because of the rain but I thought it would be perfect running while raining that way would not get too hot. someone did say it made the terrain and the obstacles a bit harder but I didn't mind taking the chance, I was not planing on running, I was just planning on making it to the finish line, doing my best with the obstacles and getting that medal!

Race started at 9:30 for us and goodness, I can't even tell you how many selfies and group pics were taken in just 1.5 hours, I am surprised I didn't take that many, I am disappointed in myself, lately I haven't been using my camera too much.

As you walk to the start line you have to jump over a five foot wall, 152cm which is practically my height, didn't look that high from where I was until I was faced with it, but I managed to jump over with the help of my teammates of course.

something similar to this

All pumped up, happy, committed, determined, LETS DO THIS!!

Everything was muddy, slippery, people passing me, but it didn't matter to me, I walked fast thinking how I left my phone behind and couldn't keep track of my steps for that day, from time to time I would run but not too fast.  I remembered what my boss had said to my friend, that I better arrive to with both my legs Monday morning, so I also kept my focus on that.

Arrived at jumping the hay obstacle, not a biggie.  kept running and fast walking to the next one.  The monkey bars.  If we couldn't do an obstacle course then we would have to do 30 burpees and continue to the next obstacle.

I have no upper body strength and short arms, I could not reach the second bar, so to do burpees i went.
kept running to the next obstacle
2 152cm (5 foot wall) one after the other.
I was with two of my teammates, helping each other get over the walls, one went first while the other assisted me to hop on, and that's when I felt a pinch on the inner side of my knee.  I told my friend and we massaged the area, we went to the next wall and went over just fine but limping just a bit, I kept walking fast and all of a sudden my knee gave out, it was not just a pinch anymore, i couldn't put my foot down, press on it at all, thought my knee came out of place and while one friend held me the other tried pulling on my leg, but still nothing.  One of them went ahead to send help while the other stayed with me while the medics arrived.
Everyone who went by stopped to see if I was alright or if they could was too far to the next tent/obstacle for anyone to attempt to carry me which some looked very willing to do, but I said I was fine and that we had help coming already.

When the medics arrive hey were so nice and helpful, i was transported safely to the medics tent in where they wrapped my knee and game me Motrin to help with the inflammation which happened almost instantly after injuring my leg.
I was given the option to be taken to the hospital by ambulance or stay.  I opted to stay and wait for my team, they carried me to a comfy place, checked my bag out and I waited in pain for everyone to come through the finish line.
in the meantime I saw people I knew, met new people, saw many come through the finish line and became a bit preoccupied when time kept going by and still nobody from the team had arrived.
Finally at around 1pm they made it!

I began crying when out team leader approached me with my medal and my shirt that I was sent for trying and getting hurt while doing so.
the commitment, the love, the courage and the perseverance of my team is amazing, a lot of them thought they couldn't do it, it was very challenging, our team leader has trained for this and so has her sister, I am not too sure for the rest of us but as I looked around, most of us were noobs at this.
I will never forget this day and i truly believe is the beginning of an amazing journey for us.
Looking forward to it all

I drove myself to the hospital 2 hours away, they actually had to bring out a wheel chair because I was unable to come out of my car.  they didn't do much other than tell me I tore a muscle and needed to see an orthopedic. Made an appt the following day and next Tuesday for the MRI.  The symptoms tell me I have a torn MCL, some people have said ACL but I am hoping that it is not, that would be much worse.  
I went to work 3 days this week, Monday I was in too much pain and today I just needed the rest, I was supposed to be home for the week with my foot up so I would heal much quicker but when you work where I do that is not much of an option...besides, I am saving my sick days for when I am better.

my nurse
New Knee Brace
I feel motivated, I can't wait to get better and begin training, I am determined to complete this race, to move to the next step, to get in shape for it.
Also I am bumming cause i have been unable to work at night, that extra money was coming handy!
Hoping everything goes back to normal soon.  I am not used to staying still, I am always moving around even it its at home, I always find something to do.
Frustrating I struggle to shower, go from one room to another, get food since I am using crutches I can't carry anything in my hands so I put everything in a bad and carry it around in my mouth.  some funny shit to see (at least is what my daughter said)
Haven't had a good night sleep since I can only sleep in one position and not the one I  am used to.
Having to rely on others to do things for me is as painful as my injury.
Feeling unappreciated at work because I could have been home healing but went in because I don't want anyone taking over my responsibilities and then talking shit.
someone even had the cojones to tell me that I shouldn't have done the race because I knew I had work Monday.  Are you kidding me?  So I am supposed to sit back and not do a thing, stop taking risks because I may get hurt and not able to go into work?
I also made a mistake on my timesheet and instead of 40 hrs I put 37, you'd think they be grateful and just give me the 3 hrs for the effort I made to come in through pain and inconvenience, but that goes to show me a lot, which I already knew of but hey, wishful thinking, right?
I should have stayed home, I should just pull the Dr's note out but again, my sick days will be reserved for when we have a 90 degree weather out and is suitable for a beach day.
I stopped going out of my way to do things because I have seen and experienced that for some our commitment and loyalty is not appreciated nor valued.
I was told that I shouldn't try the spartan race again, that it is not something I should be doing.  Well, I will be the judge of that
Just makes me want to feel better, get better and get my ass on it!


**this pain is awful!! 


julie said…

Hope your leg gets better soon. Good luck with the training for next time, it looked like you had such fun until the injury happened xxx
blossom said…
wow hope your injury gets better soon....thank you for sharing your race with's Master also does Spartan races...smiles....get well soon xx
AtiyaLuv said…
i had a great time and hopefully I will get better soon, I can't be like this, not been able to move around, is killing me!! thank you!

thank you so much, I love me the Spartan race, have been watching for a while but decided to join, looking forward to the next race...and that is awesome, you must enjoy watching him do the races!

missy louise said…
You posted some great pics love your beautiful smile.
Wow very sorry about the knee and injury.
don't rush it take it slow and let it heal..
kind of strange being in rope bondage and not being able to move around can be hot and sexy yet when one is hurt and can't move around it painful and annoying.
Always my best wishes for your mobility and health

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