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TMIT - the end of Sextilis

It’s the last TMI Tuesday for the month of August. Did you know August was originally named Sextilis (‘sixth’). In 8 B.C. Sextilis was renamed August in honor of Roman Emperor Augustus. BTW…August or Sextilis was the sixth month of the year in the ancient Roman 10-month calendar. Now for more about August: 1. In the Philippines today is National Heroes Day. Who is your hero? (You can name up to 3). Why? my grandparents - those two were together forever, one could not be without the other, they had one of the best relationships! over 50 years before she died.  so much love, understanding and devotion.

my Mom - she raised 5 kids on her own and we all came out alright.  She went through a lot, and survived domestic violence.  Hard working woman who would not settle for less, always wanted the best for herself, kids and family and she always came through for us all.  Great daughter, I remember when she got paid the first money she would faithfully take out was for my grandparents

and last but…

Boobday Friday - I love Fridays!

Finally Friday!  All I am thinking about is Saturday morning when I can finally sleep in a few extra hours....

Was I the only one having issues getting up early this morning?
Fall approaches and mornings are getting colder, although we are going through a very humid phase here in the east coast, temps between 26C - 30C on a daily basis, but we also see a huge plunge at night making it rather cool.
I didn't enjoy my summer as I had planned and things took a bit of a plunge with my plans, still I am hopeful that everything will change, I am very determined with certain goals that are giving me a huge boost!

have a happy Friday!

TMI Tuesday - Express Yourself

1. Do you want a divorce or to leave your present romantic relationship? I am good in the relationship I am in, works perfect for me.

2. Do you think your relationship needs couples therapy? not yet.

3. If your relationship needs fine-tuning, what would you do to tweak it? the fine-tuning and tweaking it needs is to be closer to each other (LDR)

4. Is your relationship over or are you just in a bad phase? How long has the bad phase lasted so far? went through that already 3 years ago, we are stronger than ever and getting stronger as the days go by

5. What kind of relationship do you envision will make you happy? the one I am in

6. Are you seeing someone new? nope, but I fall in love with him all over again each day Bonus: What major regret do you have so far in your life? Is it too late to change it? I no longer have regrets, the past is the past, we can't change it or do anything about it, what is done is done.  I only worry about now, not even worry about what happened this morning or what …

Sinful Sunday - Back to school!

**this was scheduled to go on yesterday don't know what happened.... was away this weekend in beautiful NYC!!

School is open year round for me
teaching is one of my passion and I am great at it.  I take pride  to stand in-front of a class and share what I  know.
Not only do I teach the school curriculum but I also make sure they learn about other life skills, opening their mind to new possibilities and even new adventures.

Sincerely Yours

Friday is boobday - Back to school

Is back to school!!! will miss buying school supplies as of this year!
yaay me!

Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMI Tuesday - Random questions

Step right up! Get yourTMI Tuesdayhere. 1. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why? Anywhere I can travel to is the most beautiful place, where I can get away to relax and feel no pressure of everyday life 2. How old is the most expired item in your fridge? I have no idea, can't remember the last time i opened the fridge, lately I have been living of plantains, yucca, eggs, eggplant (dominican style), white rice, avocado and red onions over my it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

3. What’s under your bed? Usually not a thing, I try to keep it clear of everything so the chi can go about all over the place, I don't like clutter under the bed, the most you will find is a glass of water the side I rest my head on
but as of Friday you may find this cutie under it...

4. What is in your pocket? Don't have any pockets 5. Which famous person would you like to be best-friends with? Why? hard one. 
I would have to pick Johnny Deep and/or Ellen DeGeneres 
he is so ec…

Sinful Sunday - From Below

It has been a bit since I have done my Sinful Sunday
Glad things are getting better (at least some), and they will continue to improve.

I don't usually wear any undies, but when I get my period I must.
Can't use tampons because they give me really bad cramps, guess I am ol'fashion when it comes to certain things.

Really enjoyed looking at this pics, I have a thing for my legs!

Have a great Sunday!

Sincerely Yours

Friday is Boobday - a little peek

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday - lets get goofy!

**It has been so long...feeling and doing much better! Let’s get goofyHi.Answer the questions below as always. Most of these are questions from famous advertisements. I don’t know how universal the ads or questions are, so if you have some famous advert questions from The U.K. or Canada or anywhere submit them forTMI Tuesday. You don’t have to know the ad to give great answers. Have fun, get goofy. 1. Whasssssuuuupppppp?
Nothing much, feeling better, starting to walk, was really bummed out thinking i was going to limp for the rest of my life.  The pain was unbearable for a while and I became a chicken shit.
Afraid of pain this days

2. Where’s Waldo? he is off on a new adventure, exploring the web, can you find him?
used to love the show and finding Waldo!

3. The best part of waking up is? is folgers in your cup!! ha!!!
I love a new day, no reason needed, is a new start, a chance to get it right, a new day!
Gets me all excited

4. Got Milk? only Almond, Coconut and rice milk this days...trying t…