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Brooms R us - why I took a part time job

I don't know how many have heard the phrase or quote "the more money more problems", there is also a song with the title in case you didn't know.
I didn't understand the definition of it until I began working a part time to make extra money in order to pay off my car a bit sooner, have money to go out on weekends, go out to eat, and put money away, etc.

Unfortunately since I started making extra cash everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  If it's not one thing, it is another.  I even thought about giving it up blaming all of my resent misfortunes to the fact I am making more money.
It is contract work, so I get hit with a 1099 at the end of the year in which I have to pay the taxes for, so in other words it hasn't been so much of a help as I thought it would be, eventually it is going to add to my income and put me in a higher tax bracket.

I have not accomplished any of the things I set out to do:
Haven't paid extra money on the car, haven't paid off the car insurance or the apartment insurance, in fact, I feel I have fallen behind.
How could this be possible?

Maybe is lack of planning on my behalf, but whatever it is I need to take a step back and figure this out.
I did finance a car this year and have an extra monthly expense of $400 I  didn't have before, not to mention rent went up an extra $125 a month, my daughter and her friend (who lives with us) stayed without a job in September and just started working about a week ago, so I've had to deal with all the expenses on my own, including helping my daughter pay for her school, thank goodness starting this month she can take care of that herself.
It has been a lot to deal with.
There are times I want to quit but then I will think about it for a few minutes and I ask myself..."what would I be doing if I wasn't cleaning?  Probably sitting in front of the TV wasting away watching Netflix" after answering my own question I gladly grab the mop and the broom and happily whistle while I work.

Every night I go around with a broom or a vacuum bitching and complaining on how much I work this days, how I don't have a life anymore, how all I do is eat, shit, sleep and work, and the things I see around and encounter while doing the cleaning set me off and have me swearing for about an hour straight.
Every night when I put the supplies away I keep saying how it is going to be my last night and how I am going to train someone to take over but by the time I get outside and to the car I remember the responsibilities I have, my goals and I take it back.
Not to mention that last night I realized how much material I have acquired to write a post or two, even more, on a weekly basis.
Just look for the label "Brooms R us" in the near future to read about the adventures and complaints of this cleaning lady, and I have plenty of them to go around, I just didn't think of putting them in the blog a bit sooner, and sometimes I am so tired when I get out I have no energy to do a thing, but you will hear about it with more details very soon.

I am just hoping to organize myself and accomplish some of the goals I have...organizing myself will be key to my success.

Sincerely Yours


C Stag said…
wow. you are amazing. added another job!?!
now you just have to start saving the extra money, or putting it to good use…

my mind's eye wanders at the thought of you being my cleaning lady… not sure how much cleaning would actually get done!

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