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TMI Tuesday - the world is crazy!!!

New month, new questions…get to writing that new blog post by playing TMI Tuesday.
1. What makes you cry?

2. The world is ending (or you are on death row), what would be your last meal?

Rice, beans, chicken in sauce, beef in sauce, port in sauce, potato salad Dominican style, green salad, fried plantain - the sweet and the green ones.
3. You must join a gang/crew, of the choices below, which gang would you join and why?

a. Rue Bella and the Annie Depressants – a crew of drag queens (they are funny and fun to be with, and so far most drag queens I've met are very loyal)
b. Aryan Brotherhood of white supremacist
c. Secret Society of The Order of Chaeronea – fostering an understanding and acceptance of gay community and lifestyle
d. Free Hugs club – monthly membership requirement of hugging 10 strangers a month
e. Quidditch Club – Mandatory game every Sunday. (Not a Harry Potter fan, read this for more info ).
4. Who makes the best leader of a country–your mom or dad? Why?

my mom! cause she was able to walk out from an abuser, raise 5 kids on her own and we all turned out amazing!
5. If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

with the pain in my heart I would have to say the cell phones - because people no longer talk, everyone is too busy texting, taking pics, and sometimes just looking through their phone and not paying attention to their surrounding.  We don't enjoy the little things because we are too busy browsing or checking our phones to see if we missed a text or a horrible!
Bonus: Will you (or have you) celebrate Halloween this year? What did you do?

I was in a veggie state
was supposed to go to court and return to work but I didn't go to either one, I took the day off and made it a "me" day


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link totmituesdayblog from your website!


Nero Black said…
Everyone is allowed a 'me' day so relax and enjoy it!
And I'm with you on the cellphone thing. We can't even talk in the car anymore because my wife is always on her phone checking her social media. When we're with our daughter (dinner, etc) she tells everyone to put their cell phones away because it's 'family time' but she's always the first to pick hers up. :(
missy louise said…
Hooray for your Mom and no wonder why you are such a strong Woman,
Great answer about cell phones and for all the right reasons.
Hope you totally enjoyed your me day
AtiyaLuv said…
I enjoy my me days!! haven't had one of those for a while, usually i get a few hours a week, I needed that day.
and YES!! cell phones can be such a bitch at times. I try to keep my phone out of my hands when around others, dinner time, etc...but there are days where it seems that is surgically attached to my hands.

@missy louise
thank you so much!! my mom is amazing!
and thanks, i did enjoy my me day, I wish i had more of those

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