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Brooms are Us - peoples' bad habits

One way of finding out what habits people have (good or bad) is cleaning after them.

It is funny when I see a messy desk and the area around their chair and I hear them say
"my house doesn't look like this" or
"I am not like this at home"
you sure?
why do you feel the need to explain?  I didn't ask for one.
I really don't care how you live and how you are at home, but when those bad habits are brought to work and it unnecessarily adds to my duties it becomes a problem

For the person who brushes her teeth about 20 times a day...
Hey, I get it, you love your teeth and more power to you for having nice teeth, but do you think you can actually wipe the sink and mirror when you are done?
this is a professional building, we get visitors and even though I am not the owner of the company I am embarrassed to even think someone can see that.

The bathrooms...
It is beyond me how people can use the bathroom and leave shit marks on the toilet seat (yes, TMI, very raw), but it is the tragic truth.  How can they just walk away?  Do they even care there is someone waiting to use it after them? 
I can't get over that.
oh...and can someone please have a meeting about hygiene?
is there any way to include that in the orientation or in the application?  Instead of having a spot that says if you are willing to relocate, why don't we add something in the lines of "Are you willing to shower daily, or at least during or on a work days?
how nasty it is to go to the bathroom and when you open the door the smell of rusty ass, dirty dick/balls or pussy smacks you in the face.
It is worse when you actually see the offender leaving and you have to go in after them, I already know who they are, when I see he/she coming out I turn around and go in search of another restroom.
Same thing with the blood; BITCHES, clean up and/or flush the toilet please, specially if you have your period!


Another issue at hand is the cafeteria
Nobody bothers to clean up, is not like we have someone cleaning here through the day, and I think they should.
I honestly feel bad for the people who use the cafeteria, they have to deal with food stuck on the tables or greasy and sticky tables.  They spill food on the floor and they don't even bother cleaning it up, they just walk away.
99.9% of the chairs are broken, people complaint about it but there are other priorities, like holding fundraisers in which nobody knows where those funds go, we know is not chairs that's for sure.
The guy who is assigned to clean uses the same rag, without even rinsing it once, to wipe all of the tables, chairs and the microwaves.
And lets not forget that if he is not using the rag to clean, he will use the broom, and some have seen him using the mop.  (He is special needs, but someone SHOULD be there with him to guiding and help him, but I find the staff has become extremely lazy)

Sometimes I feel they make a mess or leave things around purposely, maybe cause they know I am the one doing the cleaning and they really want to bother me, specially since I always voice my opinion and let them know what I think and feel.
Specially with some of the managers.

Every day I go around talking shit through the hallways as I clean, actually, I have toned it down a bit, I found myself complaining so much I was getting sick of hearing it myself, trying to go with the flow, but still irks me!

I have to endure this job 6 more months, can't stop until I move out from where I live....until then i have to put up with whatever it is thrown at me.

*slumps on her desk with a nasty headache*

time to get back to work...


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