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thank you 2016, you sucked!

New years is around the corner and as always everyone is making plans, resolutions to begin and reconsider.
We will all take a look at 2016 and reevaluate the entire year and and see what we can do differently, what needs improvement, what we can change, and of course, we also add to the list of things.

 I look at the people that I know and some of them still have the same resolutions they had 5 years ago.  I admire them, after all this time they are still trying, and they just keep recycling the same resolutions from previous years.

Resolutions used to drive me, each time New Years came about it was exciting saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new one.
I used to have certain traditions to have better luck and bring harmony into the home, made change, including furniture, cleaned the house like if it was spring cleaning, out with the old, in with the new, making sure that the new year was a clean start, sorta.
Last year I stopped making resolutions, or was it two years ago?  The point is that it wasn't working out, every year writing down the same thing and hoping for the same miracles which I never accomplished anyway, I just stopped and decided to go with the flow of things, make small goals, take one at a time.
It was working, I did well at first, sorry to say that 3 weeks into the new year and all hell just broke loose.  One thing after another, not even enough time to breath before I got hit with something else.  To say the least, half way through the year, a few days before summer would begin my knee goes out, and I needed surgery, put me out for about 3 months (the entire summer), took a part time even before my knee was completely healed which made the last months of recovery harder and more painful.
As if that wasn't enough, I was drowning in bills and trying to get out of the hole I am in.  It has taken longer than I imagined.
How come it doesn't take much to go into debt?  fall behind on everything?  and although I am earning double, I really can't see the difference.

I am a bit grateful, kids are healthy, although a few times I wanted to fuck them up a few times.  We want them to grow up but we really don't know what we are talking about, it is worse when they are adults.  Trust me on that!

Fuck you 2016!!
I am not the only one feeling like that!

We even have songs of how much it sucked.

it was a hard year, even when I didn't make any resolutions I was still so very sure and cocky that it was going to be great!
It was like spitting up and not expecting it to fall on my face!
I could hear myself last year....
"oh this is sooo gonna be my year"
"I am going to go all out, woohoo, this is going to be my year baaaby"
oh how wrong I was and how quickly my feet were planted on this ground, followed by my ass!

I am not even going to expect anything out of 2017, one day at a time for me...

done with resolutions, done expecting for this year to be my year and at the end of it I will be saying and wishing for the same things for the next year...
is like a circle!

I really can't wait for this year to be over!

Year of the Monkey


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