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TMI Tuesday - Shame Shame

Over the weekend I found these questions from Heelsnstocking in a very old email. The questions are great. I cannot believe they were not already published here on TMI Tuesday blog but my search did not find them. So here we go…Shame. Shame 1. Tell us a sexual thing/fantasy would you never want your friends to know you like or have done?
Open book, right here, no shame in my game.  But the only thing that people give me a lot of shit with is the slave thing...I have no idea why! 2. Has anyone ever found an item of sexy underwear, a sex toy or perhaps a picture on your phone that embarrassed you?
they have been found, but it has never embarrassed me at all.  matter of fact, as we moved several weeks ago my purple toy was packed by my kids...not an issue here! 3. Do you have any fantasies you could never go through with because you think you would feel ashamed?
Fucking in Public...the thought makes me blush *grins 4. Have you ever felt shame after a sexual experience?
only thing I ever felt …

TMI Tuesday - Make out sessions, quickies and favorite lovers

Hey folks! Have a great week. Start it off right by playing TMI Tuesday. 1. Would you take a course in advanced sex positions? Why?
probably i would
just to gain more flexibility  2. “Did you orgasm?”  Men: Do you ask your sex partners this? Women: Have you been asked this? Men, why do you ask this question? Women, do you mind being asked this question?
In the past I've had to deal with this but my Papi mine can feel when I am having wonderful. 3. “Was it good for you?” Have you ever asked this question after having sex? Were you ever told “No, it was not good.” If yes, what did you do?/. 
I haven't asked the question but a discussion has come about. 4. When was the last time you had a simple, sexy “make out” session? Do you wish you had more purely “make out” sessions?
October 10, 2015
Wishing I had it everyday 5. When is that last time you had a “quickie”– sex lasting 5 minutes or less? How often do you engage in “quickies”?
October 11, 2015 Bonus: Think about the person th…

TMI Tuesday - Important Questions

Important Questions 1. If you are on facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why?
about a month ago.
friendship request came about, didn't see who it was from just that we had a few people in common (2-3), a few hours after I accepted the request they canceled their fb. 2. What are you addicted to?
Internet browsing and stress (I work better under it) 3. What are the first 3 things you do every morning?
exact order 1. check my phone
2. meditate
3. shower 4. How lucky are you and why?
haaaa!!!! pleeease, I dont want to go there!
nuf said 5. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?
I am over 40, I think I am over and done with been embarrassed, I no longer have any shame in my game Bonus: Are you proud of what you are doing?

some of it I am, but in some aspects of my life I am so terribly disappointed in myself


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TMI Tuesday - Times are changing

TMI Tuesday…play it, enjoy it! Times keep-a-changin’ 1. Does your workplace have a “casual Friday” or a day when you can dress down or out of uniform?
no, it is weird, is like an assigned jeans' day, you also have to put money in a jar as well (only a dollar)
No casual friday for moi! 2. Has the growth of social media and unabashed sharing of personal info on social media made you MORE or LESS cautious about  your privacy?
I try to keep it private but the way all accounts someway and somehow get linked even if we are using different emails, I swear it has to do with face detection! 3. Is gay marriage legal where you live?
very much so!  I think it was the first state to put it too 4. Is smoking marijuana legal where you live? Under what circumstances?
yes it is...they are still working on it though, but can't get arrested for smoking or for having less than a ounce on you if its not bagged in a way that will be distributed (sold) 5. Give us a hashtag that best describes your weekend. Has…

T is for Time

Time is precious, isn't it?
When we are young it goes by so slow...
you know how long I had to wait for the three wise kings to come around and give me my awesome toys every 6 of January?
Summer vacation?
Christmas? after moving to this country.
my first snow fall.
My birthday - until I began associating that day with bad memories
Getting boobs and waiting for them to grow the size I thought I wanted them to be
And so it went...waiting for time to rush, to go by, to pass.
those times were so precious, the only thing left now is the wish that time would slow down. I missed the Letter S, actually, I wrote the post on Saturday but forgot to publish, so very typical of me.  I began writing and got distracted with something else, the day went by and I only remembered when I woke up Sunday morning.  Was it too late?
For the past week or so I have been reflecting about my life, things I want, things I will feel happy having in my life, and things that I can and should be doing to get whe…

R is for Resourceful

What do you consider resourceful?

I don't have to look for the exact definition for it, but to me it means that you can make the best out of any messed up situation.  Someone who will try to figure things out and work through any issue that may rise.

I grew up in what a lot of people call "third world" country, we had a lack of electricity, we washed clothes by hand, carried water, etc.
Having all this amenities is like luxury to me (been living in luxury for too long now) and living the way I did made me very resourceful.

I remember a trip that our family took to the lake, we had to drive a bit far, so when we got there the premises were been remodeled.  The grills and benches were gone but there was still people there enjoying the day.
I had seasoned meat, we had burgers, among other things to eat but I was no able to do a thing with it because there was no grill to do it with.
I took three huge stones, went out for a walk to get wood and found some pieces of a fence wh…

Friday is Boobday

Q is for Questions

If you don't want to know the truth, don't ask.

I try to be as honest as I can so it don't bite me in the ass later on.  If you are a friend and you ask me a question, get ready to hear the raw truth.
It is a problem at times because no question needs to be asked, I just tell it like it is, and as the years go by I get even more honest.

I enjoy when people ask me questions about any type of subject or current affair, specially when they are about conspiracy theory, politics, and history!

There is are only a few questions that I find it hard to answer and they pertain to me.  why is that?

*It was hard to come up with a word that begins with Q, not many options! I asked for assistance from Him :) and as always, more than willing to help me.  I love him!

P is for Positive

Today I had an awakening.  I am ungrateful, I complain so much of the things that are going wrong that I fail to see the blessings that are going on.
I stopped to think about the past week, the great things that are happening which I am clouding by just focusing on the negative.
For a few hours now I have been grateful.  I have asked for forgiveness, and starting the process to forgive myself.
A lot of people take for granted the blessings we often get, they get clouded by bills, debts, work and things and situations we choose to remain in for whatever reason.
I'd like to think as of today I will no longer be that person and as of today, because I am totally aware of it, I am going to take charge and start a positive road.
I know there are bumps on the road, but if I concentrate enough on the good things instead of everything bad I think that is happening to me, well, I think I will be fine.

O is for Open

Open to new beginnings and new possibilities Open to change Open to new challenges, ready to face them, to conquer them Open to changing my mind, admitting when I am wrong Open to new discussions and new ideas Open to receive and to give Open for new and old experiences, sometimes it is good to try again Open to to suggestions I am open to everything positive the universe wants to send my way, I am ready to learn new things, master old ones, and use what I have already learned and know.

"Energy goes where attention flows" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Whatever you focus on, expands"

TMI Tuesday - Sexual Revelations

Let’s do this–TMI Tuesday.Sexual Revelations 1. When did you see your first naked women that was not a family member?
5 or 6 2. When did you see your first naked man that was not a family member?
10 or 11 3. What were the circumstances of each situation?
the women, we all get dressed together, so it is no biggie
the man - probably looking through a crack of a door, I was always very curious as a child 4. At what age did you first witness sexual nudity? Was it online or in print?
I can't remember but it was very early in my life, and it was a magazine 5. Sexual revolution–When was yours OR It hasn’t happened yet?
I don't think it has happened yet, i am still waiting for it, but I had fun in my 20's Bonus: What’s the best sex advice or sex education book you’ve ever read? (Yes, it must be a book, could be online but a book)
I really never read sex advice books, or had any type of sex education...cannot relate to this question

N is for Negativity

What can I say.
I think of myself as a positive person, I practice that positive vibe each day, somehow and someway my positivity turns into negativity when I see that when I work hard for something I just see turns to dust or go wrong before me

My daughter is making me watch the Secret, and she wants me to watch it twice a day to see if it makes a difference.
I've stopped doing a lot of the things I used to do, the lack of time, or maybe just making up excuses, either way, I have stopped.
It has made a difference on the way I think, on the way I feel and the way things just come about.

There are better days than others, I really wish an entire week could go by without at least one bad thing go wrong
Is not about talking or thinking negative, is just the way shit is.
Even when doing the right thing there will be temptations all around, trying to kill my vibe, deviate me, and like a sucker I at times take the bait.

I truly believe that since I have been working nights my negative e…

M is for Monday mornings

i don't know if I am the only one who has problems with Monday mornings.  I barely sleep the night before knowing that a long week ahead awaits.

Dreading the alarm, at times I try to beat it but it causes me to oversleep, and it has been happening a bit more than I would like to.  Sucks!

This days it is hard to wake up, period, but after resting my body for two days it is hard to get back into motion, and so far I don't feel I rest enough, my feet are taking a huge hit :( they constantly hurt!

Wishing we could have a bit of lax time at work and start a bit later...

L is for Lubrication

I was reading one of Modestys' posts and it really made me think, a lot!
Actually I have read it a few times, it is about lubricants.

I was feeling a bit self conscious about getting dry, how I was going to deal with it.

After reading that bit of an introduction "as I've "matured" over the past few years, I really do need more lubrication than I used to" that part made me feel normal.

This is not a topic most women will discuss, and unfortunately the few women I speak to are somewhat shy discussing sex, bringing up the subject, commenting or answering questions.  I don't give a shit, I bring it up and I ask questions, at first they get all shy and blush but after a few minutes of talking they loosen up a bit.

My poor punani doesn't get as wet as it used to, I had some concerns but some of it has been put at ease for now.

At least I know there is a huge variety of lubrication I can try until I find the one that best suits me.

Friday is Boobday - spring is here

K is for Kinky

I wish!kinky is something i know that i am good at and not much kinkiness in my life this days.
Master and I don't talk/write much this days, it is mostly good and morning and good night, so there is no room for anything that pertains to kinky
I am losing it. most times I find myself thinking and feeling scared that my libido has run away, that I am not very much into sex, I hardly even play with myself, days/weeks will go by and I can honestly say I don't even bother. There will be nights that I will begin fondling my nipples to get me going and I end up rolling over and falling asleep
Pathetic, I know
I try not to look back, but I have seen and feeling the changes that are taking and I just can't get over it. I am told because I am not sexually active at all this will happen, and once I begin to have sex again it will change, it better, cause I used to be such a little slut and now I can't even recognize myself.
I need some kink in my life

J is for Jinxed

When I meet with spiritual people they can't stress enough how lucky I am, how divined, and blessed.
cause I don't see it and I sure don't feel it.

I feel I have to work extra hard to for what others can acquire so much easier.  Everything seems to come with obstacles, I can't get a break most times.
Perfect examples:
1)  I get a cat, I take him to get fixed, and of course my cat is special, one of his testicles didn't drop so he needs surgery.
2)  a day before I need to take my car for inspection I go to open the door and the handle stays in my hand, and because I have a fiat I have to order everything online.  when I do get the handle and ready to get the car inspected they find all of this damages I was completely unaware of.
3)  someone owes me money, I am told that they have it to come and get it after work, I tell her I will just wait til the morning to get it, I get to work the next day and she "needed" to take out half of it because there …

I is for Indecisive

to more or not to move
change jobs - but i am too comfortable to do it
to get out of my comfort zone or keep complaining about the same thing over and over again

I can't make up my mind lately, I make decisions and after a few days already thinking of something else.

very indecisive this days
makes me wonder if my hormones have something to do with it.
for now, all i can do is take it one day at a time
but knowing myself I will keep planning and changing my mind, come up with excuses of why it can't be done, procrastinate, and come up with other plans.

I need a vacation to really think about things, away from everyone and everything.

TMI Tuesday - This or that

SweeteNDirty to the rescue. For today’s TMI Tuesday, she offers the following as it pertains to sexy time!This or That?1 – Lights on or off? either way I am good!

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business? depending on the mood and the time.

3 – Giver or receiver? I enjoy both

4 – Background noise or no? doesn't matter to me, i am cool with either one, except when I am sleeping.

5 – Top or bottom? bottom 

6 – Private or public? private for most things, and public for when in the mood


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link totmituesdayblog from your website!

H is for Heavyhearted

There were a few words I was thinking about, like humble, humility, healthy, healed, and a few others that will come to mind, but I decided to go with heavyhearted because my heart aches, and I feel hurt.
It really explains how I am feeling at the moment.  Working so much, having no time to do anything other than sleep is taking its toll.  I am getting sick, I have no energy, it actually caused me to develop diverticulitis, and although I have heard some people say that it has to do with my diet, well, my diet was fine and I never had issues until I began eating fast, not chewing my food properly, eating when I could, eating and rushing, something I have never done before.
I feel that all of my hard work is not paying off and I have gotten older in just a year from all the stress related to the night job.
I am heavyhearted because I have been working for the company for almost two decades and I feel a particular colleague is doing things on purpose to sabotage our cleaning job at nigh…

G is for Grateful

From time to time I hit a rut in my life and it is the only time I come here to vent.  I seldom share my happy moments, the moments that should matter most. I am grateful for every moment in my life, good or bad, I welcome all the experiences whether good or bad, I learn from each of them.
Lately I haven't been so grateful and haven't shown any type of gratitude.  I should be thinking positive in order for things to go well, attract positive vibes, positive energy.
I should be grateful, but at the moment I am not feeling it.
how bad is that? in so much need of meditation this days, but i can't concentrate, my hormones are all over the place throwing off everything around me.
i really need some more me time.

Friday is Boobday

F is for Family

99% of my family is in another country, the only family I have near are my sisters (brother is out of the country doing military stuff).
My mom always tried to teach us that family is always first and we should always spend time together, specially around the holidays. It hasn't worked out as she hoped for.  It is sad that my sisters and I live in the same state and we see each other every other month, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and sometimes for the kids birthdays and maybe a special occasion that don't come often enough.
We make plans and most times due to busy schedules, appointments and life gets in the way excuses we usually postpone them for a week or two. It is amazing when we are together, we have fun, talk shit and make fun of each other, share secrets, gossip, laugh through the entire time and at the end of the day we all agree that we should do it more often, then we all go home and same shit happens all over again, appointments, busy schedules and life getting …