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TMI Tuesday - Memory Lane

TMI Tuesday–Let’s travel down memory lane. Home: 1. Your current home: House? Apartment? Trailer? Condo? Other?  condo

2. Which is bigger, your childhood home or your current home? childhood home

3. Which is better childhood home or current home? Why? hard to decide on childhood home I lived in a home where we grew most of our food, had chickens, roosters, fresh eggs every morning...
but my current home is my own, I set the rules, I decorate as I please and do as I like. School: 4. What was your favorite subject in school? (consider high school, college, grad school).Why was this your favorite subject? Math and History
math because I love the problem solving
history because I just love to learn about other cultures and the past, things that happened and how it affects today, ancient history is one of my favorites

5. Are you currently working in a field that you studied in college? not at all Job: 6. Describe your first job. Dunkin Donuts (America runs on Dunkin)
do I really need to descr…

Friday is Boobday - White shirt

TMI Tuesday - Ask yourself...

1. At work, what sets you apart from others? everyone says I am crazy *grins* in a good sorta way...according to them i say everything they are thinking about but not dare say and because of that and because everyone loves me, ehehe, I received a wowser awards...because I think outside the box, i live everlasting impression and a few other things. 2. When it comes to sex appeal, what sets you apart from others? sexawho?
I have been looking all over the place for my sex appeal, I look at pics from a few years back, I don't look much different from then, but I am missing a key element, I feel that certain sexysiness is a bit gone, and sex appeal...what is that??? 3. What are the big imbalances in your life? I just figured this out not long ago, I am trying to deal with them, one step at a time........................ 4. What is it that your family and close friends cannot do that only you can do? cook!!
and decorate 5. Are you flexible enough? haa!!
I was just talking about that, lately i have be…

Sinful Sunday - my favorite scarf

He once used this scarf as a blindfold since then, each time I use it is a reminder of that afternoon makes me through the entire day

Friday is Boobday - setting up

Setting up some of the new supplies at work.

Happy Friday!!

TMI Tuesday - If....

Sound the trumpets–dah dah dah daaaaah! TMI Tuesday is here. If this, if that… 1. If you were forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?

keep her away from food, refrigerators and cabinets!  will eat everything in sight

2. If you were a Sesame Street character, which one would you be?

cookie monster

3. If you could have an endless supply of a candy or baked good, what would you get?

4. Who is your favorite villain? Why? Harley Quinn I love her style and her attitude~
5. Are you more in tune with sunrise, daytime, sunset or nighttime?
Sunrise and daytime. Bonus: If you took a job out of your current career path, what job would you take?
working as a ticket agent/flight attendant!


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link totmituesdayblog from your we…

Sinful Sunday - early Sunday morning

I really want to stay in bed!

Friday is Boobday - A cold week in January

New England motto  "If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour" After a single digit (1-3 F (-17 C) , freezing, kinda of many layers start of the week, by Wednesday we were up in the 50's (10 C) about climate change!
Just glad is over and a long weekend begins!

TMI Tuesday - questions, questions, questions

Yep!TMI Tuesdayis here. Geez! I don’t know
1. True or False: Falling in love is a serious thing to do? Explain. I think it all depends on who you are, some fall out of love as easy as they fall in love...but the ones who fall in love and they are just stuck on that love and can't move away from it, we in trouble. 2. Finish this sentence: I never knew things will belike this. (at this stage of my life...I thought I would have accomplished more or would be in a different phase, it feels like I am going so very slow, and sometimes not moving at all) 3. Would you rather swim with sharks that you know have recently bitten people or swallow live worms? Why did you make that choice? neither one, and since it doesn't say that I must really pick one...ehehehe 4. What is beautiful and most appealing about you? my personality and playful ways...but if you don't know you would say my lips, and/or legs 5. What time is it RIGHT NOW? What were you doing before you started to play TMI Tuesday? it i…

SORRY! Comments and Replies

First and foremost I would like to apologize to everyone who leaves a comment on my posts and to those who at times have emailed me for not replying as soon as I should.


Through the years I have become extremely bad at replying at texts, emails, comments, and I am even worse when it comes to picking up the phone and returning phone calls, at times I look at my phone ringing and I just don't pick it up, not because I don't want to speak to a particular person, I just find it so difficult to pick up and talk, call it lazy, cause it really doesn't cost to do it, and it doesn't take much energy.  I just don't want to hear it.

I don't get it, talking is one of my best qualities, I am not shy!!  in fact, people used to ask me if I had parrot for breakfast, and some have asked if I was conceived with an open window or in the fresh air (old wives tales 😋)
The point it that I am known as the talker and people expect me to do it because I am the one wh…

Sinful Sunday - Congrats!! 300

and to many more to come!!

Friday is Boobday - I am still sleepy

Sometimes it is so hard waking up harder to get out of bed.

good morning! it is Friday!!!

check out more gorgeous boobies!!! click on the pic above...have fun!

TMI Tuesday - Happy New Year

Happy New Year all!Day two into the new year (day 3 when you post TMI Tuesday) … 1. How is your year going? So far, it started very relaxing, watching old movies, sleeping late, pure veggie status just the way I like it. 2. Did you go out on NYE or have a New Year’s day celebration?
nope nope, don't like going out.
I usually make my own Chinese food and watch movies, that is all.  3. Ahh yes, those pesky New Year’s Resolutions. How did you do with your 2016 NY resolutions–did you keep them?
I really don't make those anymore, I set little goals for myself, I find that it easier, less stressful, less demanding, and my heart doesn't get crushed when I realize that 3 months into the year I have already given up 4. Year 2017, are you carrying over any resolutions from 2016? What?
nope, last year stays with last year, if something comes up from last year that needs to get done I will handle, other than that...out with the old!!
I've given up on many things...and hope 5. What new experi…

Sinful Sunday - Contemplating

contemplating on the past year and bringing in the new one
here is to you 2017~