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SORRY! Comments and Replies

First and foremost I would like to apologize to everyone who leaves a comment on my posts and to those who at times have emailed me for not replying as soon as I should.


Through the years I have become extremely bad at replying at texts, emails, comments, and I am even worse when it comes to picking up the phone and returning phone calls, at times I look at my phone ringing and I just don't pick it up, not because I don't want to speak to a particular person, I just find it so difficult to pick up and talk, call it lazy, cause it really doesn't cost to do it, and it doesn't take much energy.  I just don't want to hear it.

I don't get it, talking is one of my best qualities, I am not shy!!  in fact, people used to ask me if I had parrot for breakfast, and some have asked if I was conceived with an open window or in the fresh air (old wives tales 😋)
The point it that I am known as the talker and people expect me to do it because I am the one who starts conversations among group of friends, I keep it going when everyone is just looking around, texting, looking bored and no subject to discuss.
In fact, my sister used to always say how I couldn't stay shut, and when I did everyone would become silent and once again I would have to pick a topic for us to discuss and start a conversation or it would feel so awkward with that unpleasant silence.

Aside from the not commenting, replying, and picking up the phone I have become isolated.
I have no interaction with anyone other than at work.  Weekends I spent them secluded, either sleeping or watching/binge on Korean soaps/shows.
Really trying to go a different route this year, just because I've had a few people tell me it is not very healthy to be so isolated, but it is so hard to find like-minded people, the friends I've had in the past although we were close I was judged and at times made fun of because of how I think and feel.
Yes, I am eccentric and I like it!

One thing I have to work on is leaving comments and stop this lurking fixation I have.  I need to interact dammit!!
I look at my blog friends and see how some of them have become so close, met in real life, have a relationship and I think to myself, wowsers, I would like to take part in that,
but how?  if I am always on spy mode and don't even have the common courtesy to leave a simple comment.

Really going to work hard on this!


missy louise said…
sometimes it pays to just read and move on
no offense taken
when the mood strikes You will be heard

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