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February PhotoFest 2017 - Closing the month

it was a great month!!
my Saturday post was scheduled but I did it wrong.

Feeling proud of myself for my accomplishment of posting for 28 days straight!

Thank you Molly for having this wonderful activities, I look forward to doing something that will make me stay active in the blog world.
What it was supposed to be a sexblog and recording my sexual adventures has turned into a picture, lame, hormonal, boohoo type of blog, and a diary of some sort.

Closing the month in with a pic of one of my favorite booties!
I really really enjoyed myself!

TMI Tuesday - answer the question

Welcome to another edition ofTMI Tuesday. Come on and play! 1. Which one of the following do you need increased privacy: a. Online interaction such as internet search and website interaction b. Sex c. Drinking or taking drugs (including marijuana use) d. Work the only thing I need increased privacy on is living on my own, you think this fuckers will move out as soon as they graduate high school, but oooh no!!
can't treat your children well people, they will never move out!
start treating them like assholes around their teenage years (13) so that way they can't wait to be 18 and move the hell out and never, ever ever ever want to come back home again! 2. What decade in life were you most happiest with your sex life? Why? For example: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.
teens and 20's...if I would have known most of my 30's and now my 40's were going to be sexless I would've had more sex back then 3. What is the sexiest TV show you have watched in the last year? Why is it sexy to yo…

February PhotoFest 2017 - Lent

although I am eating healthier someone came to me this morning with a tootsie roll It is lent and she is giving up candy but she brings it to work and tries to corrupt the rest of us I am always down for some sweet corruption
what are you giving up for lent

February PhotoFest 2017 - SinfulSunday in bed

February PhotoFest 2017

my scheduled post for yesterday (saturday) didn't go through
 here it is today!

February PhotoFest 2017 - Friday is Boobday

February PhotoFest 2017 - TBT

February PhotoFest 2017 - Midweek

ready for the shower, 5:20 am coffee brewing Vacation week and not much going on at work should be staying home, but can't find a reason why other than resting and go into my usual veggie stage in which I already spend most of the weekend
Did some research on things to use for menopause now I have to order some of them online
whole foods does not have some of the products which I was a bit surprised.

Black Cohosh Root - hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, tiredness, relieves PMS, and it boosts estrogen levels
Lemon Balm - for sleeping issues, PMS, settles emotional upsets and is an anti-depressant, migraine headaches
Red Clover Flowers - hot flashes, night sweats, used as a daily tonic during menopause, helps the body to balance estrogen, shown to improve cardiovascular function in menopausal women, relieves PMS
Don Quai - balance hormones
there is one called
The T Lady: Menopause Tea this tea is made of 5 different herbs that are recommended for menopause:  Black Cohosh, Wild…

February PhotoFest 2017 - Back to work

Feels like a Monday... Back to work, to the routine.

TMI Tuesday - Presidents Day

Wait, wait. Come back. I’m here. It’s a holiday in the U.S. I slept in, got disoriented about what day it was but finally here is this week’sTMI Tuesday. Fill-in the blank. 1. I am too busy to have fun this day .

2. Last week I did not do TMI Tuesday because I dont think this question this really applies to me, I havent missed a TMI since last summer due to my injury and lack of motivation in all areas .

3. Last week’s TMI Tuesday’s questions were cool, new, a bit different than the usual, love that! .

4. "i really dont know what fill in here" depends on dreams. 5. Virgin Airlines is great!  I really have enjoyed the few times I have traveled with them . BonusThe more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn? because we make memories along the way and those we really don't forget  Your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? i disagree



February PhotoFest 2017 - Filters

I have to clean my phone, snapchat filters are taking over!!

February PhotoFest 2017 - SinfulSunday - Undress

February PhotoFest 2017 - BDSM Tattoo

here you go Nero!! and click HERE if you want to see the front (SinfulSunday 300)

February PhotoFest 2017 - Friday is Boobday

February PhotoFest 2017 - TBT

Once upon a time in The Netherlands

February PhotoFest 2017 - Menopause & Symptoms

I have been feeling like crap this days specially emotionally, I have been crying at a snap of a finger, and be careful how them fingers are snapped cause aside from crying I will tell you off with the quickness.

I have been so out of my element, complaining, feeling sick, emotions like a roller coaster to the point I got a bit scared thinking I was going down the road I was in a few years ago.
After seen my Dr., having some tests done, although we knew I was going through menopause, it was confirmed.
One of the things I have been struggling with is weight gain, I am short so it does not look so well, specially with my short arms and legs..,ugh

doing research on how to bring up my estrogen level naturally, didn't know that primrose oil could do that, soy also helps with some of the symptoms, I can't say I am going to join the gym because lets be honest, when will I find the time?  I leave my house at 6:30 am and I don't get home until 8/9 pm, 5 days a week, and I think tha…

February PhotoFest 2017 - Valentines day

I try to celebrate valentines almost every year, but lets be real, I am not a happy camper on this day, specially because "I celebrate by MYSELF"
I try to understand that it is not only a day for lovers but for friends, friendship, sharing and showing that we care, ok, I get that but most people are out with their significant other and the ones who are single have no other choice to either celebrate with friends or with people who they love, but lets be serious, if they had a choice they would be with a boyfriend/girlfriend, and if they say no, they are probably lying.

Seen the flowers coming in, the happy faces of women that you can tell got laid this morning and the ones that look they are anticipating the moment for this evening, makes me shrug and wish I was in their position. I am finding myself feeling jealous of women around me, jealous of their happiness, the fact they are going home to be with someone, sleep with someone, have conversations, and/or be silent.

TMI Tuesday - Choices, Bonds and Significant Others

Choices, Bonds & Significant Others 1. Are you “in love” with your significant other or are you simply compatible.
Scientist claim that being “in love” only last within the first six months of a relationship
After all this years I still have the butterflies, the giggling, excited when I see him, each time I see him and spend with him is like the very first time.
I would say I am still in love
at the same time we are compatible, seems like we want and are after the same things (just about)

2. Do you solve problems with your significant other (s.o.) or are you the real and only problem solver. A relationship has a stronger bond when both people in the relationship work toward resolving issues whether it be with kids, finances, management of home, etc.
we talk about it, we discuss things, options, overviews, he does keeps a lot to himself 3. If you live with your s.o. do you both do chores and have equal amount of chores in the household? Research shows resentment mounts in couples who hav…

February PhotoFest 2017 - Spoiled

Another day off
this makes three and the weekend in between
late mornings,
lazy days stuck at home due to snow storm.
it has been snowing for about 5 days straight, a few pauses in between
but we are getting hammered
apparently, we are expecting another one for Thursday

Winter has surely come

February PhotoFest 2017 - SinfulSunday

February PhotoFest 2017 - Snow

Does not stop snowing, we had Thursday and Friday off from work.  Maybe Monday as well...have I done anything constructive, no.

We had a snowstorm Thursday, the residue of it Friday, extremely cold and icy roads, today it continued to snow and they are predicting another snow storm from tomorrow until Monday afternoon.

Welcome winter.

February PhotoFest 2017 - Friday is Boobday

February PhotoFest 2017 - TBT

February PhotoFest 2017 on the 8th day

"when your children are young you have them at your feet, when they grow up you have them in your heart"
This is the quote someone shared with me yesterday. my oldest daughter is going through a rough patch, a very rough one.  At this moment she does not have custody of my grandson, he is living with his father until she can get her shit together. It scares me because of the history we have with the other side of the family.  Since the baby was born is a constant battle, the other grandmother wants to take custody because she only had one child and I guess she wanted to have more and never did.   It hurts to know she is going through it and even worse that my grandson is been put through it. Feeling numb because I am trying to see him and only excuses are been given to me.  Do I have to go to court to see him?   I just don't know...
When our children are small we want them to hurry up and grow up, get out, get a life, be an adult, but what we fail to understand is that …