TMI Tuesday - answer the question

Welcome to another edition of TMI TuesdayCome on and play!

1. Which one of the following do you need increased privacy:
a. Online interaction such as internet search and website interaction
b. Sex
c. Drinking or taking drugs (including marijuana use)
d. Work
the only thing I need increased privacy on is living on my own, you think this fuckers will move out as soon as they graduate high school, but oooh no!!
can't treat your children well people, they will never move out!
start treating them like assholes around their teenage years (13) so that way they can't wait to be 18 and move the hell out and never, ever ever ever want to come back home again!
2. What decade in life were you most happiest with your sex life? Why? For example: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

teens and 20's...if I would have known most of my 30's and now my 40's were going to be sexless I would've had more sex back then
3. What is the sexiest TV show you have watched in the last year? Why is it sexy to you?

sexy?  TV show?
I haven't watched anything sexy at all, if you include vikings, game of thrones and a shit load of korean soap operas and anime..I guess nothing
4. What sex scene, from a movie, would you like to recreate?

i just watched 50 shades darker and I would have to say ... ALL OF THEM!
5. Your sex life is to become a reality series. Which of the following titles best fits:
a. “Too Big To Fail”
b. “Years of Solitude”
c. “A Visual Guide for the Perplexed”
d. “Yes please, Any Time and Anywhere”
Bonus: The Late Phoenix would like to know your family’s secret recipes because he is hungry and thirsty all the time. Please share.

RICE, BEANS AND ............ <insert meat here> (pollo guisao, carne de rez, puerco guisao)


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Nero Black said…
I'm guessing you enjoyed '50 Shades Darker'? I haven't seen it but I hear it's better than '50 Shades of Gray' (haven't seen that either). Re: the sexless life, at least you have toys and cam sex! It's worse for guys.

that puerco guisao sounds good! that's fun to say, like corinthian leather

AtiyaLuv said…
i totally understand on the sexless life!
I read the books so I need to watch the movies...I don't have toys and I never really do cam sex, I actually am trying to get some toys.

puerco guisao is the best!
I knooooow, that sounds so good!