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TMI Tuesday - Sexy it is!

It’s a lovely spring day here in the mid-atlantic region of the U.S. How’s your weather? What season is it? Oh, and let’s do TMI TuesdaySexy it is! 1. What question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner? i have no restrictions, I don't find anything hard to ask at all. 2. What question about sex do you find hard to ask anyone? I'm very open, I don't have that issue...I feel comfortable asking anything to anyone...does not matter who it is. 3. Sexually, what are your favorite things to do? kissing
I love so suck, suck, suck!! I am a big cock sucker!! 4. Name 3 things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them? getting my pussy sucked
sucking his cock
and watching others have sex, listening to the moaning 5. In how many countries have you had sexual relations? 3!! Bonus: Describe your ideal sex partner. I already have him
and all I can say is that when we are engaged in any type of intimacy it just flows, is like we are dancing to the same tune.


Friday is Boobday -TGIF


Monday Morning - Finally home

Good morning to everyone Thank you all for the wonderful wishes on my Sinful Sunday post, you are all so wonderful :) and it feels great to be a part of an amazing blogger family - like a distant cousin cause I don't interact as much as some of you do...yup, I also stalk you all!! mwahahaha I am always up to date with all of your lives - twitter and blogs...ehehehe, I always find the time for those, no matter what it is I am doing I try to incorporate you all into my daily activities. **grins
I finally came home yesterday afternoon and it felt odd to be home, I just couldn't find that comfort zone, it just didn't feel quite the same, it felt more like it was someone elses' space.
I have been trying to make sense how I ended up with acute Diverticulitis - Pockets that form at the wall of the colon that get inflamed and can be very painful. There are also other things wrong but that was the main reason that got me a little vacation in the hospital for about 4 days.
I gue…

Sinful Sunday - Hospital Bound

will things change? I know is up to me to make sure they do, but I do feel that each time I take a step or two forward some fucking source just pushes me back with force.

Sinful Sunday - Made with Love

Learning to cut out pics to make them as stickers and such lines are not so straight when I was cutting the image, but will eventually get there
Happy Sunday!

Friday is Boobday - Looking forward to it

after a long week, Friday is finally here


I haven't been feeling myself with all the changes my body is going through and experiencing Looking back at old pictures I miss the image of what I once was, can't believe it has only been 3 Years since this picture was taken I was much happier then Didn't feel bloated Wasn't gaining so much weight I could sleep an entire night without having to go to the bathroom No sweating in the middle of the night I was able to wear heels to work and when I went out on weekends I used to go out on weekends Had a shit load of energy There was time to do much, at least that is how I felt
**this hormones are doing such a number on me!!

TMI Tuesday - Dates, Mates & Relationships

Hello. Time for another edition of TMI TuesdayDates, Mates&Relationships 1. Which of these are you most often guilty of in a relationship:
a. jealousy b. not apologizing c. not keeping your word d. guilt trips
None of the above, I am most often guilty of giving too much, too understanding, never expect a thing in return..which it fucks me because I feel they get too comfortable and not put any effort in the relationship and often times I get neglected 2. Which of the following behaviors would annoy you most in a partner.
a. fishing for compliments by verbalizing self-doubt b. passive-aggressive behavior c. usually forgets important dates i.e., birthday, anniversary d. making you feel guilty when spending time with friends
A, B, D
I need a man, not a child! 3. Consider you are looking for a mate, rank these traits in order of importance, with 1 being most important, and 7 being least important.
Kindness  1
Honesty  1
Ambitious  2
Confidence 1
Reliable  1
Assertive  1
Sense of Humor  3 4. Sc…

Sinful Sunday - Cupping

Friday is Boobday - baby it's cold outside

It is winter, should be cold, but for the last week we've had spring/summer like weather. But it has been windy and cold for the past two days, winter is back! we get so spoiled with with a few days of hot weather and we think that winter is gone and we automatically think that winter is gone and summer is here...
I really enjoyed February PhotoFest, it gave me a reason to come here each day and post, even if it was just a pic.