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TMI Tuesday - Dates, Mates & Relationships

Hello. Time for another edition of TMI Tuesday

DatesMates & Relationships

1. Which of these are you most often guilty of in a relationship:

a. jealousy
b. not apologizing
c. not keeping your word
d. guilt trips

None of the above, I am most often guilty of giving too much, too understanding, never expect a thing in return..which it fucks me because I feel they get too comfortable and not put any effort in the relationship and often times I get neglected
2. Which of the following behaviors would annoy you most in a partner.

a. fishing for compliments by verbalizing self-doubt
b. passive-aggressive behavior
c. usually forgets important dates i.e., birthday, anniversary
d. making you feel guilty when spending time with friends

A, B, D
I need a man, not a child!
3. Consider you are looking for a mate, rank these traits in order of importance, with 1 being most important, and 7 being least important.

Kindness  1
Honesty  1
Ambitious  2
Confidence 1
Reliable  1
Assertive  1
Sense of Humor  3
4. Score! You exchanged numbers with a hottie. Now you: (pick one)

a. Wait for a week, see if that person calls you first.
b. Call the next day if not sooner.
c. Call and text incessantly. Let them know they’ve made an impression.
d. You’d never call. What if you get rejected?
5. How did you handle your last relationship break up?

a. You’ve never been in a relationship before. The timing’s never been right.
b. You went out and got drunk every night, until you forgot everything.
c. You went out on a massive amount of date, even with people you knew you had no interest, making sure to date a new face every night.
d. You felt bad and cried, but bounced back in a couple of days.

None really apply...with my marriage it was amicable, I missed him at times (laundry days), we were over each other so it didn't hurt, it was just adjustment to sleeping alone, having the closet to myself, all the drawers and the space in the room were all mine!

then my Master and I split for about 8 months, I cried for about 8 months, I went on with my life, dated, but I could not yank him out of my heart and thoughts...each day I would spend about 20 - 30 minutes in bed in the early hours of the morning crying, giving myself therapy, I would go on with my day and my life but still, each day I had my morning routine
Bonus: Would you take a holiday all by yourself, at the ‘spur of the moment’? Why or Why not? Where would you go?


because I do feel I need sometime to splurge, in need of time alone, in need of thinking, sorting out my thoughts.

I would go somewhere warm...
Costa Rica
Virgin Islands


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Nero Black said…
I did not think of answering #3 the way you did, which is a shame because yours is better. Some of those things are definitely equally important.
I just got back from Mexico (which is why I'm commenting a week late) and had a pretty good time. The tequila helped!

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