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F is for Family

99% of my family is in another country, the only family I have near are my sisters (brother is out of the country doing military stuff).

My mom always tried to teach us that family is always first and we should always spend time together, specially around the holidays.
It hasn't worked out as she hoped for.  It is sad that my sisters and I live in the same state and we see each other every other month, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and sometimes for the kids birthdays and maybe a special occasion that don't come often enough.

We make plans and most times due to busy schedules, appointments and life gets in the way excuses we usually postpone them for a week or two.
It is amazing when we are together, we have fun, talk shit and make fun of each other, share secrets, gossip, laugh through the entire time and at the end of the day we all agree that we should do it more often, then we all go home and same shit happens all over again, appointments, busy schedules and life getting in the way.

Mom gets very disappointed because of it, gives us hell because of it and often reminds us that we need to stick together because we are all we have in this country.  Sure, I have family in other states, cousins, uncles, aunts and such but we have no type of communication, so they are like strangers in some ways.
Mom also says it is my job as the oldest to keep us together, but I can't make anyone do something they don't want to do, specially rearrange their schedule and often remind her of it...we should all be trying a bit harder to keep close, to do more for each other, but the older we get, somehow we just become busier and more involved with other things.

The only thing I am happy and glad about is that when I need them or they need me there is no hesitation.
My brother is finally retiring from the Army next year, I already told everyone that I am moving to whatever state he decides to move to be close to him.  He has been away from us since he was 18 and he is going to be 40 next year, it is time to make up for all the lost time and I am so down for it.

I love my family.  and although we don't spend as much time as we would like, we are still close and there for each other.


julie said…
When our children were young we got together as a family (my two brothers and my parents) a lot. But now that the children have grown and relationships have changed we see much less of each other. I really do love getting together as a family, but like you this is a rare event.
AtiyaLuv said…
I guess we form new relationships, i see my sisters spending more time with people who they are not related to than their own blood...
I am guilty of that myself.
we should be putting a bit more effort.

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