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TMI Tuesday - It is what it is

Hey, hey! A beautiful Monday morning here. I hope your day is beautiful in many ways. TMI Tuesday is up!

Tell It Like It Is.

Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.
1. Sex is something I wish I could do and have more often, but because of my long distance relationship the closest i get to sex is masturbation, but it is rather a choice you see, It has been a long time since I have been attracted to anyone else other than him .
2. Love is accepting someone for who they are, with their weakness and their flaws, not try to change or shape them into something they are not .
3. Money is the root of all evil but such a fucking necessity, it is why I am working so hard, to make money to pay the BILLS!  money does not bring happiness but it can sure take some pressure of our shoulders and chest!
4. Power is something i don't think much about, and   when I hear the word I just happen to think of rotten politicians who acquire power just to rise and take over., like Illuminati 
5. Life is great!  as soon as I can figure certain things it will be even greater.  Life is what we make of it, always complaining how bad things are yet we fail to understand that we are there because of the choices we make and the mentality we have.
Bonus: Food is my life!! OMG, I love to cook and I love eating just as much, unfortunately I've had to develop a new relationship with food because of the recent issue I had in my stomach...


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Nero Black said…
Great answers. Any chance you can cam or FaceTime your lover (for sexual purposes)? That might be your only solution to the long distance relationship?
that cat's all "excuse me?"
Sweeten Dirty said…
I know what you mean about having to change the way you eat and cook. I love cooking and recently started dating someone who can't have certain things. It totally changed the way I cook for us and I have been having to get creative and find new recipes. I am enjoying trying new things, but wish I could make him some of my specialties/favorites.

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