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for my birthday!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!
welcome 43!


a very wet slit

TMI Tuesday - How Random

How Random 1. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?
I was a little hoe, I have been liking guys since I was like 4 or 5 years old, I can't remember for the life of me what his name was or what I liked about him.
to be honest I have been having boyfriends since I was 7.

2. Which parent do you identify with the most?
don't really know my dad...but I am sure my personality must come from him, I only look like my mom

3. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?
I can't really answer this cause I would at least try something once...I think...

4. Would you ever adopt a child?
depends on the age (no babies or toddlers allowed, they are beautiful, fun and all that, but I really don't have the patience I had from back in the days...and I firmly believe that some kids need to get fucked up cause is the only way they understand and you can get through to them)

5. When was the last time you played a board game? What game…

Friday is Boobday - getting ready


His favorite pic

TMI Tuesday - roll with it!

Hi there! TMI TuesdayRoll With It! 1. With whom would you like to take a bath?
with my Papi mine
I love scrubbing him up, gliding my hands up and down his entire body!
plus is fun to bathe with him

2. You are, on a motorcycle, riding hard down a country road, wind in your hair. Who is the hottie on the bike with you? Are you riding or driving?
I am driving
the hottie with me is him!
ehehe, although I may be the one riding and not driving in that case.

3. Baking naked–who is kneading your dough? 
my dutch (papi mine)

4. Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me! Who is joining you for a sexy sea adventure?
gosh, he loves sailing and I would love to go sailing with him but....this time I would have to say that I will pick a group of my female friends...I think it would be so much fun!

5. “I got your back.” Hands down who do you fully support, stick by no matter what, Who are you willing to help at all costs?
my mom, kids, brother, sisters, cousins, and friends...
I am a sucker for …

Friday is Boobday


been looking through old pics and I can't believe how much I have aged in just 2 years. 
I can honestly say I miss myself, what I used to be.   My fault though, and since I realized how I've changed and how much I miss myself, already began to make some modifications. In need  of motivation

TMI Tuesday - ya gotta do what you gotta do

Sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do–like play TMI Tuesday!Sexy Specifics
Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. from “30 Rock” 1. What do you find sexiest in a woman?
the way she takes care of herself, a woman who is on top of her game! 2. What do you find least sexy in a man?
a man who constantly complaints
a man who gossips like a woman 3. Have you ever been the other woman or man? Would you do it again?
Yup, I have
Nope, will never put myself in that position again. 4. Who puts more into a romantic relationship you or your significant other?
of! 5. Do you have a “work wife” or “office husband”?
neither Bonus: Are you in a healthy relationship? What makes you think so?
I am not
lets just leave it there for now Bonus, bonus: Is the “work spouse” strictly a U.S. American anomaly (they do spend an insane amount of hours at work)? One study found 32% of Americans admitted to having a work spouse.


Friday is Boobday