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Friday is boobday - Still Sleepy

Long weekend ahead and I can't wait... what I look forward to on weekends?  sleeping in 
Happy Friday!

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TBT - the changes

When I go back and see pictures of myself I can't help but get upset because I didn't appreciate myself as much as I should have but no time to cry over spilled milk and can't go back

TMI Tuesday - Nosy

We’re getting nosy.  After all, this is TMI Tuesday!Nosy
What does a nosy pepper do? Gets jalapeno business.  1. How old is your longest living relative?
76 2. Do you hope to live to this age? Why?
hope to live to be older, we have people in our family that lived to 105!~
I don't know why?  maybe cause I wanna live!!! 3. What is your family’s native language? Your native language?
Spanish! 4. How old were you when you started dating?
I was a little hoe
only had tap kisses and held hands 5. How old were you when you first had sex–any kind of sex?
13 Bonus: How would you describe your sense of humor?


Week 1/52

Good morning!
Happy Monday!

2nd week of 2018 begins.

short week at work since we had New Years day off and then two more days at the end of the week due to a storm and freezing cold.

Last week was a blur, not much went on other than staying inside and trying to stay warm.  The heating system couldn't keep up and had to boil water to even it out.  I have never felt or experienced temperatures of -15 F even though we live in New England.
I actually felt bad for the people living in Florida with temps of 49 F, Tallahassee, FL had snow too!  I had a ball watching the videos of people complaining how cold it was.

For people who live in cold weather states, I don't feel bad for you!
You live in a state that gets cold in the winter and also it snows, and as soon as we get a few inches ya'll can't drive, and the complaining is ridiculous. 
If after living here all your life you can't get used to it...move!


I can't believe is already 2018, how fast time fli…

Friday is Boobday - See through

TMI Tuesday - Happy New Year

Happy 2018! Don’t know about you but my year 2017 was less than a blur. I hope your 2018 is healthy, happy, and prosperous. Here’s the first TMI Tuesday of the new year.
Happy New Year As usual, let’s review the past year. 1. Did you make any resolutions at the start of 2017? If yes, how did you do at keeping them? What one thing are you still doing?
not at all, 
I think I did great in 2017 other than all the weight gained due to hormonal changes.  
Working on taking off whatever I put on 2. Pick three words to describe your year 2017.
lonely 3. What was your biggest personal change in 2017?
my weight and diverticulitis  4. What was totally unexpected in your 2017?
me getting sick and developing diverticulitis 5. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2017?
I have a few of those
Lived in a camping site for a month
Moved to a new city
New Car Bonus: Did you make new year resolutions for 2018? Share a few with us? Any of them repeats from 2017?
nope, just made myself 1 goal - GET MY HE…


for my birthday!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!
welcome 43!