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TMI Tuesday - blah blah blah blah

TMI Tuesday: Mary 22, 2018Posted onMay 21, 2018by Yanny or Laurel…Royal Wedding…blah blah blah.The real excitement is it’s time forTMI Tuesday. 1. If you had a whole week (no work, no kids) to do things with your significant other, what would you do? camping, fucking, sleeping at the beach, fucking, relax, fuck! 2. What is your idea of a long-term relationship? uuuuf!  a relationship that is more than 7 years, I guess 3. What is a healthy relationship? relationships that can go through any situation but in the end they will figure it out 4. How did you meet your current (or last) lover? Second Life :) 5. What is the first thing you do after having sex? rest! Bonus: Do you have any bad habits that you hide from your significant other? You can tell us…or not. yes...

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Friday is Boobday - Helping hands

We have been friends and working together for 14 years. Like a brother to me at this point.  People even tell us at times that we should be a couple but neither one of us see each other like that plus this man was in a relationship to someone i was once close to.

TMI Tuesday - When you visit me

TMI Tuesday–  No Frills, I’m on the road again. 1. What food(s) is your city/country known for? for our lunch - the meat may vary from beef, pork, or chicken, at times we also have eggplants instead of meat, but the rice and beans do not change
this plate here is what we call a Tripleta - is mashed plantain with fried, eggs, fried salami and fried cheese, with sauteed red onions on top...this can be a breakfast or a dinner. 
I live in the USA but I still have my Dominican habits, such as the the foods we eat...of course I have incorporated foods from this country as well which it has helped in the variety and I don't have to eat rice 7 days a week like I used to.

2. What should people do when visiting your city? The city itself there is not much to do, but I am just 1 hr away from Laconia NH (Bike week), 1.5 hrs to the white mountains, about an hour to Maine, 4 - 5 hrs to Old Montreal Canada and 30 minutes to Boston!  So much to do. 
3. What do people do when they come to your home? i …

February Photo Fest 2018 - Last Day

Last day of February Photo Fest!
It was such a pleasure and I am feeling so proud of myself! 28 days of posting, including TMI, Sinful Sunday, and Boobday!
Thank you all for the comments, and the compliments.   You are all amazing, each and everyone of you.  Although I don't comment, post or interact much I still consider you all my blogger/twitter family

February Photo Fest 2018 - Happy Independence Day Dominican Republic!

Today is Dominican Independence day!
I am including a video at the end of the post so you can get an idea how we celebrate!

Dominican Carnival in La Vega

TMI Tuesday - Fill in the Blanks

Have at it–TMI Tuesday fill-in-the-blank fun.Fun Fill-ins
Bonus: Fill in her blank. Fill in the blank. Have fun, be creative. 1. Butt call.
2. Come to me baby.
3. suck and lick.
4. Sex bloggers are fucking awesome!!!!!!.
5. My Papi really need to visit me.
6. You should be traveling and relaxing and to make it more fun, bring me along.
7. I have never been able to stick to hardly any plans or habits long enough.
8. Do you wanna travel, get away for the weekend?
9. My old friends get mad at me for just being me.
10. When my alarm clock goes off, I screech, grunt, and almost cry.
11. I look forward to traveling, discovering and meeting new people this year.
12. TV, laptop, my and my phoneis are one of my favorite toys.


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February Photo Fest - School is back

What a week it was.
When I tell people that I was a total vegetable last week they all say the same thing "maybe your body needed the rest"

I think my body is getting way too much rest and I am in a comfort zone that I don't want to move from.

I don't know about anyone else but at the end of the day I want to feel I was productive, I want to make sure I accomplished something or I feel like I failed and misused my day.

This morning I was supposed to wake up early, head to the gym and start a grand day....I overslept by 40 minutes, but after a nice shower I felt new and refreshed!

Making plan for the gym (sauna)

Happy Monday!