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February Photo Fest - Morning shower

I wake up very early.  I know there are people who probably wake up earlier than I do and I feel bad for them and makes me wonder how they do it?

When I wake up I spend a few minutes thinking of my Papi, it has been my morning ritual since 2012, aside from that I mentally go over some of the important tasks of the day and make a game plan, and then I am ready to hit the bathroom.

As soon as my feet hit the floor it is a must that I rush to the bathroom and get in the tub, I need that morning shower, it is my fuel, it wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed.  I  no longer feel groggy, sleepy, or tired, and most of all, it sets my morning mood.

my morning shower is like my cup of is essential!


Kilted Wookie said…
It seems we all need that morning shower. I my case, the coffee follows immediately after it.

Southern Sir said…
Morning showers can be invigorating.
indie said…
I love this downward looking shot, such a study in textures...
Indie x

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